The World RPG S4 v0.32p (ENG)

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The World RPG S4 v0.32p (ENG)

Post by FlyingCow » Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:28 pm

Korean (click on 첨부파일(1) in top right, then on 내PC 저장) and English versions.

Code compatibility: from S4 v0.24c and onwards

  • Bug fixes
    • Blood weaver - Fixed not being able to cast Rose dance (W) when it would not consume hp
    • Items - Fixed item binding by area not working sometimes
    • Rifle of deadly poison - Fixed description being outdated
  • Monsters
    • Nereid
      • Waves changed to only knockback hero units
  • Heroes
    • Sniper
      • Snipe (T)
        • Passive changed from increasing damage done to enemies in 800 or farther range by 40% to increasing damage done to enemies based on distance between hero and enemy (up to 40% at 800 or farther distance; bonus damage text will only appear at max bonus)
    • Water mage
      • Spell cast delay reduced
      • Tidal riding (E)
        • Cooldown buffed from 12 seconds to 8 seconds
      • Glacier orb (T)
        • Cooldown buffed from 40 seconds to 30 seconds
    • Lightning mage
      • Discharge (E)
        • Now automatically toggles off when lightning mage is stunned/silenced during it
    • Soul weaver
      • Soul transfer (E)
        • Removed screen flash visual effect
  • Misc
    • Changed unit order when selecting a group of units to be "Spell summon" -> "Item summon" -> "Hero"

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