The World RPG S4 v0.32m

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The World RPG S4 v0.32m

Post by FlyingCow » Thu Mar 05, 2020 7:23 am

Korean (click on 첨부파일(1) in top right, then on 내PC 저장) version, english will be out later.

Code compatibility: from S4 v0.24c and onwards

  • Bug fixes
    • Elementalist - Seal of earth (R) - Earthen protection (Passive) now provides intended 30% damage resistance instead of bugged 20%
  • Items
    • Ethenos, the staff of space
      • Attack damage buffed from 22500 to 24000
    • Hell riser
      • Attack damage buffed from 24000 to 26000
    • Ring of time
      • Steel of god in recipe changed to Steel of god/God's page (Steel of god will be removed from recipe in future)
  • Monsters
    • Demon lord beriel
      • Splash damage changed to be affected by armor of secondary targets instead of armor of main target (to prevent summons with 0 armor from dealing too much damage to nearby heroes through it)
    • Ifrit
      • Flame spirits changed to be able to target invisible heroes if there's no other valid target
    • Nereid
      • Vipers now activate 2 seconds after phase 1/2 ends
      • Added 1 second stun to beads
  • Heroes
    • Berserker
      • Howling (W)
        • Area of effect changed from 1~500 based on consumed hp to 400
    • Assassin
      • Shadow rush (T)
        • Cooldown nerfed from 25 seconds to 30 seconds
    • Blood weaver
      • Blood mastery (D)
        • Damage buffed from 35% maxhp to 40% maxhp
      • Rose dance (W)
        • Cast time reduced
      • Blood boil (R)
        • Now makes next 3 Rose dance (W) casts not consume hp after use
      • Crimson pillar (T)
        • Damage buffed from 3500% maxhp to 4000% maxhp
    • Warlock
      • Soul grimoire (R)
        • Changed from 4 seconds duration with 500% increased attack speed to 5 seconds duration with 400% increased attack speed
New hero and content are being worked on, will likely be released in april

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