The World RPG S4 v0.31g

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The World RPG S4 v0.31g

Post by FlyingCow » Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:41 am

Korean (click on 첨부파일(1) in top right, then on 내PC 저장) version, english will be out later.

Code compatibility: from S4 v0.24c and onwards

  • Bug fixes
    • Winter's heart - Fixed still providing 10% damage resistance instead of listed 8%
    • Embrace of nature - Fixed not applying active effect properly to some summons
    • Martial artist - Fixed Inner meditation (R) proc still increasing movespeed
    • Soul weaver - Fixed Soul cradle (T) stun activating later than intended
    • Hermit - Fixed minimal duration of Orb of harmony (R) still being 3 seconds instead of listed 4 seconds
    • Elementalist - Fixed Seal of chaos (F) icon changing position when casted with New years costume enabled
    • Flight - Changed so that transformed units don't drop to ground if transformation wears off mid-flight
    • Loading - Fixed hero dissapearing if you select another hero mid-load
  • Heroes
    • Hermit
      • Restoration (W)
        • Can no longer be cast on enemies
    • Water mage
      • Water blast (D)
        • Frozen emotion (W) shield recovery buffed from 30% to 50%
      • Frozen emotion (W)
        • Can no longer be cast on enemies

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