TWRPG tools for items

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TWRPG tools for items

Post by RockLeeNBU » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:18 am

Hello, I've realized that people that weren't on the Discord for twrpg missed the announcements for any tools that we've made for the community. If any more tools get released i'll make sure to update this list

Item Builder
  • Made by Texnical (Net_Creator)
  • Features an extensive way to build items for your character
  • Can compare items
  • A check list for items you've already obtained
  • and many more features to come

Items list + Hero abilities list
  • Made by myself
  • Initially made to host the commands for the twrpg-bot on discord
  • Now hosts the full item list and hero's abilities in a data-table format for convenient searching