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Post by BiggyBanG » Fri May 17, 2019 1:16 am

Hello TW community,

I'm BiggyBanG most of you guys probably already know me, but if not i am a Swordsman that has bin playing the game for many years.
As all of you know im usually to be seen for 3-4 months at a time and then i dissapear for another 3-4 months ( reasons stated down below ).

I really love this game and when i'm playing im super committed to it.
Which means at times i'm playing the game for 15H+ a day, why you might think? Simple.. it's fun !

Some of you might ask now :'' Biggy, That's great that you enjoy this game so much but why bother making a post about it..?''
Because i think the community and myself are misunderstanding each other quite heavely.

i get names like :''the guy that just takes items and leaves for a year again'' , ''the guy that cries all the time about not getting into runs'' etc.
since my Reputition isn't really that great i'm obviously not in any ''static group's'' ( which most people (atleast endgame) are) so i tend to ask around alot
for runs or i snipe a lobby that comes up with usually the same outcome :''sorry group run'' which is 100% understandable i leave everything good.
It's just that this behaviour is probably annoying for alot of people... and i'm really sorry if it is!

But the frustration that comes out after pming all the people that don't bother playing with me and getting a:''sorry not rn'' and then watching a empty lobby for hours on end after squeezing my way through till endgame (where you are required to play with others) is quite excessive.

Which usually leads to me to quit the game since watching a empty lobby isn't so much fun. And then i come back because i really wanna play, and it repeats.

which leads me to my missing Deye replay:
So what do i do when i really wanna farm a material > Join a run > run is group i might get in anyway > hoping for group to not need item > group needs item > i farm with people > item drops > group moves on > i host my own run nobody wants to run > i sit in empty lobby ..

since the only shooter i knew who would deffinitly agree to help if there's something in for him is a friend of mine Called Qweszaq which i've knows since basicly week one of playing this game, so he agreed on helping if i help him on another character of his.

So we went on our way to farm deye which dropped luckily quite fast. In all my excitement i sadly forgot to save the replay.
And you might be like:''Biggy thats okay you have somebody that was with you who saw it drop no worries his word will be enough''
Sadly this isn't the case.. Qweszaq was a known cheater that got his ID banned for it.
So i can understand if the community thinks his word isn't valid enough.

Regarding the item i asked GF about his opinion and he said it would be ok if i just refarm it.
But it's not the item i care about it's the acknowledgement of me in this community.

All in all im just a guy that really enjoy's playing TWRPG and that wants to get along with everyone ,
i hope this gave you a little insight of my part of the story.
I'd really Like to hear your thoughts on this please Comment and let me know!

Thanks for your time,

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Re: BiggyBanG

Post by merhaba2010 » Sat May 18, 2019 4:27 pm

Finding a group is quite hard I understand, start with making good friends and develop your characters together or be friends with someone already developed until like sk gear then get some more friends and simply try to build your own group. There are a lot of nice people in the TW community also as toxic people but stay away from them and don't generate more hate/toxicity. Even if you don't or can't build a group , make sure that you have 2-3 solid friends that you can always play with and using the advantages of kloading/sandboxing comes with a big importance with small friend groups. I hope you find friends or a group that may allow you to last more than 3-4 months and don't care about people that will try to mock you about this post.

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