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Sniper Guide Updated

Post by Ashmedai » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:16 pm

Sniper Guide
Updated for: S4 v0.24f2
(The World RPG S4 v0.24f2)
Brought to you by Ashmedai
Special thanks to Krkanluk and Rock Lee for providing the template for the guide

Pros and Cons

-Sniper is very efficient with bursts of high damage and a good survivability.
-Snipers are pretty good at crowd control as well as providing burst at a moment's notice.
-Sniper since rework also has a very high sustain rate which is a pretty big boon.

-Snipers as of the rework have to be at least 800 range away from target to gain 40% bonus Skill Damage which makes it significantly harder to solo bosses than before
-For Sniper’s R skill, there is a charging mechanic involved of 1 charge every 8 seconds, which can sometimes be annoying, though it isn't a big issue with Flame Explosion, HellFlame that reduces the charging time by 2 seconds.

Items are based on their levels, if you can decide what to craft based on the small descriptions on how they work.
You can check the material/item recipes on twrpg index at ''Item Discussion'' thread
※Pheles, the Bow of God (400)
Best weapon when paired with Halo of Judgment and Cloak of the Fallen Shadows for auto attack build, drawback is lower damage on Q passive by 20% and the fact it has -15% Magic Resistance, although it's negated by the fact Cloak of the Fallen Shadows has 15% Magic Resistance but then again, it has -250 heal degeneration.

※Soul Stalker (380)
One of the best sniper bow's, other bows on par with this one are Hellflame and Griveddon
Improves Snipe (T) damage by 15%
Applies a debuff called Suppression to enemies hit by Snipe (T) (reduces dmg by 50%, silences for 1.5 seconds, and greatly reduces move speed for 4 seconds)

HellFlame (380)
This bad boy will improve you damage over time by quite a lot.
It’s passive proc’s for 10xAGI damage per second for 10 seconds and it will lower Armor/Magic Resistance by 20 and 0.3% respectively per second for 5 seconds. It will add a noticeably increase of damage for all your team.
It shares same specialty of making the recharge time for R -2 seconds. It also gives 5% flame affinity which can further boost your Demolition damage and your Explosive Shot.
It also increases your melee Ultimate attack count by 4 and the range version damage by 12%

※Griveddon, the Bow of Certain Destruction (370)

A good alternative to Soul Stalker thanks to it's passive "Chaos Spike" 12% chance to activate on attack dealing (30x (Str+Agi)) Damage and high Str that will make you sturdier

※Pheles, the bow of Skies (360)
A fairly good bow that's not hard to make and it enables you to do quick Q passive procs but decreases Q passive damage by 25% and pure damage per Auto Attack. It's best used in combination with other Auto Attack items, like Cape of Corrupt Flame and Halo of Judgment

※Flame Explosion (360)
Your best bow till you get Soul stalker or HellFlame. It's fairly cheap as materials as well
Sniper Specialty Improved Explosion: Explosive Shot: Recharge period reduced by 2 seconds
Sniper Specialty Improved Explosion: Demolition: Close-range attack count increased by 3, far-ranged attack deals 9% bonus damage

※Yggrect, The Arch Devil's Bow (360)
Pretty average bow that needs way too many materials compared to Flame Explosion
It is used in Griveddon

※Stalker (360)
Average bow due to the -40% attack speed but ok-ish choice until you get Frostbane as a replacement or make Flame Explosion

※Alkate, The True Unholy Bow (340)
Upgrades to Yggrect

※Alkate, The Unholy Bow (340)
Upgrades into Alkate, The True Unholy Bow

※True Dragonbow Aience (300)
Later used for Flame Explosion.
It’s good to have this early on and saved till later.

※Dragonbow Aience (260)
Upgrades into True Dragonbow Aience

※Crossbow of Requiem (240)
Good starter bow till you get Frostbane or Flame Explosion and also used in Flame Explosion
※Vest of Storm (380)
Somewhat tanky armor with good skill damage and quite high agility. It's best used when you want to go auto attack build OR it can be used in normal build if you want your weapon, Hellflame Grivvedon or Soulstalker passive to proc a lot, which will increase snipers sustain

※Grandine, the Plates of Wraith (380)
A good tanking armor with high stats. At this moment it overshadows Benedict solely due to the 45 sec cd save. Passive: Reduces damage taken and heals you when Health is low (45 second CD)

※Benedict, the Crimson Armor of Blood (380)
Best Burst armor for Sniper but it's quite weak after that due to the 2 min cd active. I recommend getting Grandine over Benedict because the passive proc on Grandine upon taking fatal damage is a life saver

※Tunic of the Wraith (380)
Same deal as Grandine, you can use Cruoris while getting material for this armor.

※Tunic of Subtlety (360)
A decent replacement for Cruoris if you don’t want to gather the materials for it, it’s also needed to make Tunic of the Wraith

※Vest of cyclone
More armor, agility and skill damage with a touch of magic resistance than Cruoris but has quite lower burst capabilities but it can make up for it by being better for sustain damage.

※Cruoris, The Armor of Blood (360)
Has a passive that stores 1% of damage dealt and converts it into HP that is capped at agility x 2.

Has an active that releases the stored HP dealing Stored Hp x 30 damage to nearby enemies and increases agility by 12%, capped at 1000 for 12 seconds with a cool down of 150 seconds.

※Dekaros, The Unholy Armor (340)
Upgrade into Cruoris.

※Cape of the Dead (240)
Good early armor until you get Dekaros.
※Halo of Judgment
The upgrade of Archangel's Halo and Helm of battle, slightly lower than Dragon Mask as Damage Over Time but has a low cd AMS that can come in handy, it's nice to have it or the other 2 helms that are used into this as offhand Helms. It also gives your auto attacks a nice touch of pure damage. It also increases damage dealt by 15% per attack

※Crown of Composure (380)
Higher burst than dragon mask while providing a micro freeze with 20% to proc when using skills in 1000 AOE while also providing 620 armor which will make you able to tank more hits, although this will mean no regeneration from dragon mask so take care

※Dragon Mask (380)
Has an awesome active "Dragon Rage" Increase Agility by 600, Critical Multiplier by 0.20x and Health Regeneration by 2,000 for 15 seconds. Effects of Dragon Rage increased by 10% on skill cast, up to 100% (0.40x Critical Multiplier and 4,000 Health Regeneration). (50 second CD)
Best helm in almost all situations, has an amazing regen/agility gain depending on how many skills you use, it's an almost guarantee stay out of death's touch card.

※Helm of Battle
A pretty amazing helm and I recommend making it if you got spare mats due to increase in Movement Speed and HP Regen for nearby allies.

※Archangel's Halo (360)
Has Anti Magic Shield and makes you able to take more damage due to high STR/Armor
It also increases damage dealt by 12.5% per attack

※Grim Visage (280)
Active gives you Agility (600 Agility) and restores HP if used on low HP (20-30%) If used while having full HP it gives less Agility (450)

※Death's Visage (240)
Active that grants Agility and restores HP. At full HP it gives 350 agility and at low HP it's 450 agility

It's upgraded into Grim Visage

※Skeris, The Unholy Helm (340)
Good starting helm till Death's Visage

※Sacred Helm (340)
Good starting helm till Death's Visage with AMS

※Jack Pumpkin Helm (260)
A good starting item and later on is used for Death Vissage.
※Latea, the Ring of Overlord (400)
Provides you with all stats and a passive that will block a damage instance when hit with a low cool-down and 20% to increase any damage instance by 20%. Works great with Pheles bow, Halo of Judgment, Cloak of the Fallen Shadows which add damage instances when you auto attack that can be increased by the ring. Beware, it will fuel your gambling addiction

※Ring of Time (380)

A good ring for burst with an amazing active that will reset your last skill used and make you immune to Crowd Control.

※Brooch of Darkness (370)
Huge DPS, Low survivability, and later on used for Shirin. I advise against using this ring since Latea is way better due to the 1k all stats, absolute protection and it has slightly less SD than Brooch

※Ring of Intrusion (360)
Low Damage per Second compared to Latea, however it is useful in fast fights since it resets last skill used
Should be mostly used after using T
Can be upgraded into Ring of Time

※Latea, Ring of Chaos (360)
Good DPS and high survivability, it is the go to choice of ring alongside Ring of Intrusion

※Demonis, The Devil Lord's Ring (360)
Good DPS and good for Team fights. Turns into Latea

※Ring of Light/Ring of Darkness (340)
Good survivability/Good DPS

※Ring of Sage (340)
Low DPS over time, however can be useful in fast fights since it can reset the last used skill
Should be mostly used after using T
Can be Upgraded into Ring of Intrusion

※Ring of Resonance (300)
Low DPS, but can reset last skill used
Can be upgraded to Ring of Sage

※Corrupt Crystal Fragment (280)
Good Starting ring. Used for CCW Later on
※Ring of the Dead (240)
Has low Survival but can be used later on for Grim Visage.
※Archangel Wings
Upgraded version of pure crystal wings, better burst due to the fact you get 10% Skill Damage and 50% Damage Reduction for 10 seconds when it gets proc'ed.

※Wings of Slayer (380)
Can give more DPS than Pure Crystal wings but it requires 10 stacks to show it. A good choice as alternative wings when you need healing or if you like the mechanic. Works amazing with reworked sniper

※Pure Crystal Wings (370)
Best wings currently. Has good DPS and regen over time. Has a chance to reset skills on skill use.

※Shroud of Perseverance (370)
Zombie Lord Wings. High Survivability. All around best wings before PCW since it’s not an upgrade, just a drop from Zombie Lord. On attack, chance to heal for 40% you and also gain +100 Main Stat every second for 10 seconds

※Wanderer's Cape (360)
An amazing wing that is on par with Corrupt Crystal Wings due to the high AD it gives which will make your Snipe even more powerful

※Wings of Fury (360)
It can give a little more DPS than CCW but other than that it isn't required.
It can be upgraded into Wings of Slayer

※Corrupt Crystal Wings (300)
Best Starting wings. Can be later on used for PCW
Sniper Abilities
D Emergency Rations


Ahh, this bad boy will save your hide from a lot of nasty situations, 30% instant heal and 15% more per 1 sec over 2 seconds, it's a godsend to you especially since you have to stay away from teammates/their buffs because of your passive.
Q Storm Shaft


It is an amazing passive spell that lets you increase your AGI by 20% in total and attack speed by 60% for 8 seconds.
Its active is a way to use your stacks after Snipe and deal extra bonus based on how many charges you got. To boot, it slows movement speed by 50% for enemies .
W Glide


Usually any "sliding" ability allows you slide forward towards the point that you selected, but this ability allows you to "glide" away from the selected point. While gliding it will shoot several arrows toward the enemy and deal a mediocre amount of damage.
The CD is pretty short, so you can use it often to escape from enemies while dealing damage.
E Storm Aegis


It forms a protective wind barrier around yourself lasting 5 seconds, decreasing damage dealt from outside the barrier up to 80% based on distance from attacker and giving you full Q Stacks.

It's the best defensive spell you got, allowing you to weather quite a lot of damage while staying relatively on high HP and you can get 4 Q stacks immediately, making you be able to burst faster than ever before.
R Explosive Shot


This ability makes your next arrow a fire arrow stunning and dealing even more damage.
This ability can be combined with all the other abilities except for Demolition and Storm Aegis.
To combine, press R first then use the ability you want to use.
-If used with no other ability then it shoots a single flaming arrow for AGI X 100, deals a small AOE damage and stuns.
-If used with W, then you glide and shoot flaming arrows, stunning and dealing small AOE damage.
-If used with Q active, instead of shooting a ground ball that slows the opponent, it shoots a Flaming ball of fire that stuns and does AOE damage.
-If used with T, then shoots a Flaming charged arrow over a long distance, stunning and dealing small AOE damage.
T Snipe


Its passive enhances your vision and gives you 40% bonus damage to enemies that are more than 800 range away
This is also a channeling ability. It takes around 0.5 seconds to charge and shoot. It's one of your most powerful spells. It can be used to shoot over a very long distance, but you have to be a certain distance to be able to cast it in the first place.
When the shot is made, you are pushed backwards.
F Demolition


And now your ultimate tool of destruction, your Ultimate ability that you get at level 260. You will always get the 40% bonus damage from T passive even if you are in melee range when using this, It deals 550xAgi which can be further boosted by flame affinity and up to 40% bonus damage based on targets missing hp
Best used to proc 75%/50%/25% stomp on Skeletal King Desperia
Whelp here goes the bread and butter of every Sniper.
Get vision of your target, with bag if needed. Proc Anti Magic Shield with either Q or by auto attacking a couple of times (If the boss aggro’s on you, run back and let it reset) and then use E to gain full stacks, followed by using R + T to deal an insane amount of damage. After that either R+Q OR if you did enough damage and you think it's worth it, either Melee ultimate (take care on how you aim, you need to be at 800 range away and it's quite tricky) or Range ultimate and then R+Q. After that it's a rinse and repeat process. Sniper is one of the less ''brainy'' heroes, not requiring any sort of hard combo. It's nice, clean and easy.

Here is a clean version: Combo: While staying at the max distance that your vision gives you,
use Q to proc AMS and then E + R + T + R + Q, do R + Q a couple of times till your E + R + T is back from cooldown after you use your second E + R + T add F and then R + Q. Using R + Q at max distance will almost never make the boss aggro on you.

Now that we are out of the boring part of the guide, let's talk about your role in team fights

Your role is mainly to dish out damage at a safe distance and crowd control the enemies with your R and Q. Most of the time, you will stay out of the way of all instances of damage except Degeneration Aura (Corruptor Rectus) or Damage Aura (Shadow Dragon)
Other than that, you have to know the boss mechanics to not ruin the fight. It is easier done than said seeing how you will have to look out only for a specific couple of spells from enemies.

Boss strategies

What you must know about hydra is that she (yes, she) has 2 stuns, one is an AOE stun and the other one is a pull that stuns as well. After you summon her, use Q to proc AMS and then E + R + T. It should have done some considerable damage. You can choose to play it for the long run and R + Q immediately or you can use your Ultimate and then R + Q. If you picked the first option, you will continuously R + Q Hydra or use your Ultimate if the enemies HP is low enough, until your snipe is back, at which point you E + R + T and then you use your Ultimate.
※Count of Wallachia
Basically, same thing as above, waste ams with Q (Might be a bit tricky and require you to run after you proc it since his aggro is HUGE) after that do the combo you did on hydra (best and only combo for sniper). At around 20% he will enter an Avatar state, which grants him a ridiculous Armor and Damage buff, your best bet is to wait for it to be gone, after that you can attack him again. Do take care and try to stay behind some graves/walls if you plan to kite him around, he got a pull that has a LONG stun duration. By being behind graves/wall it will make it, so you get stuck in them. If you are lucky he will lose aggro and go back to his place until he aggro's again, but the stun should have worn off.
※Jack O Lantern
He is significantly sturdier but at the same time easier than the Count because he has no Avatar. At the start of the fight you can lure him to top left of the city and let the guards tank his auto attacks, it's a quite good strategy if you are not geared enough and can't tank his auto attacks. Do the usual combo and take care to never be in his line of sight, he has a skill that will send a ball of energy at you(Jack Wave) that deals considerable damage and always dash away with W at his second skill(Jack Impact) which has a large AOE and a LOT of damage.
※Mage Lord
Even tankier than Jack and Count combined, the strategy stays the same. Spells that you should be wary of are Dark Star, AOE and a huge amount of damage that will one shot you most of the time unless you AMS or go Invulnerable with Ultimate and a Channelling spell, Icy Blizzard which can be avoided fairly easily thanks to W and you can continue to attack him for the duration of the spell or it can also be interrupted with a stun.
※Guardian Angels
Ah, the bane of all snipers. After you summon them, clear a row of revenants inside Avalon, it will make it easier to walk there after you die. The Guardian angel is fairly easy to kill, having one AOE (Genocide Sword) ability alongside the usual AMS. Now to the fun part:
You will pick the angels one by one, doing the usual combo. You will most likely be pulled (like Count's pull) and then have either Sacred Conviction (an AOE that goes straight in a line) or a huge AOE, Sacred Judgement casted on you after you are pulled. They also have an Avatar state that increases their Armor by a lot, makes them immune to Magic Damage and also increases their Attack Damage by a lot. Now imagine getting pulled by any of the 3 angels, all in Avatar and then either a few Convictions or Judgements casted on you. Ouch.

Now there is a 5th boss, Corrupt Angel. It has the usual AMS, a ''Die!!!'' spell that increases his attack speed and movement speed by A LOT, a Pull that can be used in combination with ''Die!!!'', Darkness Wave or Judgement of Darkness (That's certain death), Darkness Wave is the same as Sacred Conviction and Judgement of Darkness, same version of Sacred Judgement but geared toward Darkness.
※Frost Spider King
Good old FSK (Yes FSK, not FSL)
It's a wave defense at start, fairly easy and only gets challenging when the mini boss (The Lich or the Spider Queen) appear. At that point in time, you try to kill both the mini boss and clear the waves. It is quite hard if you used Snipe at waves (never do that unless you can kill the mini boss without it).
The Spider Queen has a ''Kiirk!!'' spell that will send out 3 blasts of damage shaped like a cone, you can dash away from it. She also has an AMS spell. In this scenario it's good to use E to push away the Spider Queen and then dash away for a R + T(Combo).
The Lich is slightly harder than the Spider Queen seeing how he can use ''Frost Nova'' on you (Single target AOE spell that slows you down and deals damage) and he can also summon a few ''Ghost'' mobs that will attack you. It's nice to use R + Auto Attack here since the damage is shared between all mobs seeing how they are close together when summoned.
※Demon Lord Beriel
Good old Beriel, apart from the wave defense which should be easy, with you having to R + AA or R + Q or R + W (for quick getaway/stun), the Demon Lord itself can be cheesed quite easy.
You should do the usual combo and R + Q after it since you going to need to do that quite a few times to get him on low HP. Spells that you should be wary of are the following:
At the start of the battle he will ''Rage'', similar to Corrupt Angel's ''Die!!!'' but Beriel gains 2.5k Attack Damage per AA up to 30K.

''Infernal Drop'' will summon an Infernal from the sky in a medium circle that will kill most heroes, it has Immolation. Best bet is to stay out of its reach and just do your usual combo, E can help you push him away.

"The only thing that awaits you is destruction"; "Let's end this boring battle !!"; "Know your place !!"; "!!!!!!!!!" - This skill has multiple call outs, and deals % damage to an area around Beriel. The third, always signified by "!!!!!!!!!", let's you at 1 HP, higher if you have DR in a very large area
"It's time of your doom!!" - Once Beriel reaches half health, he will cast this spell. It's an instant kill in a line starting diagonally up right, working its way all the way around the demon lord in the counter clock wise direction, for a total of 8 lines. Once it's begun to be cast it's often best to trigger with Q

''Doom'' - This skill silences the target, greatly reduces movement speed, and deals fairly large periodic damage.
※Mana Ancient
Pretty straight forward boss, lure ams and do the usual combo, Mana Ancient will proc from time to time a spell that will send a couple healing orbs towards himself. At 100 mana don’t stay near, Mana Ancient will start a channeling spell that will suck nearby enemies towards himself and at the end (when mana reaches 0) it will explode dealing a lot of pure damage.
※Mad Clown
It's a fairly easy boss to fight against. At first you have to make him uses his Dodge spell (lasts 1.5 sec) with either W or Q. After that you do the usual combo and never ever stay in one place, always move since he can cast ''Dance'' which spawns a purple circle beneath you that will do periodical damage, stun and it will also heal Mad Clown if he is in the circle. At 50% he will cast Wheel, you got to avoid the inner or outer zone, whichever flares in a golden colour and if you die he will heal for 25%.

Now we enter the spooky realm of team fights. All bosses from above are soloable with medium gear.

※Corruptor Rectus
Here the boss itself has 3 phases when it reaches certain amount of HP, 75% 50% 25%.
At the start of the fight he will create an explosion in the entire area, better protect yourself with AMS or with a priests shield and you will start to take periodic damage over the duration of the fight, better protect yourself with AMS or with a priests shield.
You will mostly use your combo to burst down Avengers
At 75% he will summon one Avenger and Rectus will be invulnerable
At 50% he will summon one avenger and 8 stalkers with Rectus will be invulnerable
At 25% he will summon same group as 50%,do make him proc AMS before this. He will be vulnerable and will attack as well. Focus on him and burst him down with your teammates.
※Spirit Beast
At first you will need someone to waste his AMS, you can do it with Q or let other teammates do it. After that you will do your combo at around 70%~ and keep your ultimate (melee form) when Spirit Beast reaches 40% HP. He will become stun immune at 20%~ and you will need to burst him down fast. Do take care to not use your melee ultimate if you think creeps will respawn soon.
※Flame Nightmare
Ahh isn't he just peachy to write about, let's start. He has the usual AMS
‘‘fall on your Knees’’: - When he is damaged below 80% he will cast this spell and jump on nearest target, doing damage and 8 trails of fire will split from the point of impact, each resulting in a Flame Spawn that if it reaches Flame Nightmare, it will explode and heal Flame Nightmare for a large amount. You won't have to worry about this since you will be a good Sniper and stay the heck away from Flame Nightmare at max range.
''Flame Barrage’’: - Flame Nightmare will channel and call the person he will send out multiple meteors that each do AoE damage and stun the target, at that point if you are called you need to run away from your teammates
‘‘Ruin’’: - When Flame Nightmare's HP reaches below 40%, he will go invincible and cast ''Flame Barrage'' again, this one being channelled longer than the usual ''Flame Barrage''. Again, run for the hills until it stops

Now that we are finished with Flame Nightmare's spells; let's see what his 2 immortal sidekicks can do:
Anger: - Has ''Berserk'' which increases his attack speed and every time he attacks he deals some extra damage with a chance to stun, consecutive attacks will increase their damage. Best bet is dash away with W and run till Anger loses his aggro on you. Another spell that he has is ''To Ashes'' that allows him to teleport to Flame Nightmare if he is too far away and gain increased attack speed
Hatred: - It has Mark of Hatred; it will be cast on random hero, a purple aura surrounding the hero. While you have the Mark applied, you will periodically damage nearby allies so don't stick near them. Hatred will also channel a ''Ball of Death'' and fires it to the marked target; dealing massive amounts of damage (Don’t be between Hatred and allies if you have the mark).
※Turtle Lord
Not much to do here, whenever Turtle Lord gains 40 mana (1 mana per second) it will summon a healing turtle either from the left or from the right of the area. Your main job is to do your combo on the healing turtle.
When Turtle Lord is at 75% 50% 25% he will summon a few turtles (and gain A LOT of DR till they all died) that will fall on each hero's position, stunning and dealing some amount of damage. On every phase there are 2 blue turtles that are affected by Physical, Pure damage and slightly by Magic Damage and it there will also be brown turtles which are affected by everything. Your job is to R and R + Q the brown turtles OR Auto Attack the blue turtles if you lack Physical/Pure damage
Blue Orbs, Turtle Lord will them at all heroes, they are AOE damage and they do not follow the hero so it's quite easy to avoid
Each of Turtle Lord's Auto Attack will decrease armor of the target by -50, so if you are ever in a position where you have to melee Turtle Lord, pray to Rnjesus that the tank will come soon to relieve you of your duty.
※Skeleton King Desperia
And here it is one of the best bosses for Snipers. At start, you want to stay pretty far away, near the Seal in the middle of the room and when the timer reaches 0, use E + R + T + R + Q, that combo + some of your teammate’s spells will proc 75% Stomp (instant kill medium AOE) You should focus on killing the Mini Skeletons that the Skeleton King spawns. You can do it by using R and Q, it should get the job done decently fast. The reason you do that is so they don't pull you and kill you during Fall (Instant kill large AOE, it doesn't reach the skulls on either side of the arena. When Skeleton King is near 50% HP, use either your Range Ultimate or Melee Ultimate to proc 50% stomp (instant kill medium AOE). After you run to the skulls when Fall is casted, your E should be back up and T as well. Keep the combo and use it when Skeleton King is near 25% HP, so you can proc it easy. Do warn your melee teammates so they won't stay near.
※Ancient Ent
At this boss, when Ancient Ent reaches 50% HP, he will spawn 2 Elder Ents on the left and right side of him. You will need to burst alongside your teammates an Elder Ent before Ancient Ent reaches 100%, else he will repeat this phase when he reaches 50% again. You will usually have a Priest or Shooter that can gather the healing orbs that move towards Ancient Ent. Your job will be to do your combo on an Elder Ent, with them jumping on a random target at 66% and 33% HP, instant killing everyone that is nearby. If it targets you, you can dash away when he is about to land. Keep your Ultimate for when he jumps a second time at 33% so you can do the maximum amount of damage. After that you have to burst Ancient Ent down and then kill the older Elder Ent. Do take care of the ''lighting storm'' that Ancient Ent will proc, it's easy to just walk away from them so no problems.
Good Luck to you new Snipers
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Re: Sniper Guide Updated

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I think i understand now. Basically, go melee, use F then use T and then go back and afk cuz you can't die rite?
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Re: Sniper Guide Updated

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Updated on 21/06/2019 using data from latest map.
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Re: Sniper Guide Updated

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FSKkkkkkk? thats heresyyyy

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