LaxSaw EoD ninja

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LaxSaw EoD ninja

Post by Rei »

Okay so, people that read discord know that today 25.10.2018 LaxSaw ninja'd Essence of Darkness.

This happened in event run with many "known" players from english community, it was public run. SD died and dropped eod + ring where Lax rolled 199 (a winning roll) and I siad I have eod as last mat. Since last mat rule applies Lax has no right to roll EoD. He took it in his bag and when he respawned he saved almost instantly, giving 0 fucks about my last mat. He was told multiple times that he cannot roll on his alt not only by me, but from another players aswell.


When I still played my shooter Lax himself tried to blackmail me to pass him EoD in past runs. This was in, now dead, calamari's group which I and cala owned. This is the msg I recieved shortly after dax reaalized he isn't going to get 1st EoD in group runs.


When Lax joined my runs, he was always acting greedy and was toxic to other people in the run. He wouldn't care about other people needs and would ignore them completely. He would come into my private zk runs and go "I take dc I don't care".


Another screenshot from old times, this time, he didn't get sd ring 1st, another sign of greed.

I was able to tolerate his "way of speech" till some extent but this clearly overstep the rules. Some players have already "banned" Lax from their runs after this incident, including me and few popular english players. I urge you to do the same so he won't rip anymore mats.

Just to make sure: Soul Weaver is my main char at the moment since I am not allowed to play anything else.

For Lax: I don't know what was the reason behind this action of yours, everyone was willing to pass me that eod but you took it like a dick. I hope people will behave to you like you did just now. cy@

(also the replay is long so use replay seeker)
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Re: LaxSaw EoD ninja

Post by tplus »

"Public Run" "Won roll with 199" "Didn't want to pass"

The last mat is a good guy rule, not a real rule. He didn't want to pass, you took that for ninja? Please grow up a little and fix your issues with him, no need to involve everyone.
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