Lightning Mage Guide

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Lightning Mage Guide

Post by Souna » Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:34 pm

Made by : Souna(kawaiiikira/kira)
after many requests i finally had the time and patience to make one , it's my first time making a guide, hopefully it'll be enough

1)Gonna start it off with saying some stuff About LM:

-It's a hero that depends much on combos and adding a use of your passive in every skill you use.

-Has good burst damage, and good dot dmg too, depending on the situation and the good use of the right skills at the right time, with good decisions and practice.


>>>Passive: brief explanation, all your damage depends on your passive, it's simple as that after 4 autoattacks on an enemy, he'll be shocked( in other words marked) and any skill that hit that enemy in the next 1.5sec will be empowered (damage x 1.5) and using short circuit to empower an ability, has a chance to make the skill crit for (30+1.5crit chance)% in the next sec.
>>>Q: Throws orb of lightning, mostly used for extra E damage or to use T ( or just using q e to cover more distance if you are moving around map)

>>>W: w by itself consists of 3 skills, and it's damage is good, and can be used to dash through stuff (for example Mad Clowns Lines), 2nd W doesn't have any much of an explanation,just point click (depends on AD for more damage), For 3rd W i use it mostly for stun and sometimes for damage, but never USE 3rd W to explode orbs, because you'd lose much potential for damage (else in situations where you have no energy and boss is low HP)
>>>E: Most important Skill in my opinion for Dps/escape etc.., mostly you should focus on not using your E randomly and for no good reason, Having a good control of your energy always gives you more opportunities to do something in the fight!

>>>R: simply good damage intance with a mini stun on target and leaving 5 orbs on the ground.

>>>T: AoE damage (500 aoe) for 3 secs, and stun for the duration
>>>F: the most ability someone would notice in a fight since has HIGH scaling on int for damage, pausing enemy for 1.5 and dealing damage after that, can be used for some fancy things like canceling zombie lord Star, can always save some lazy bad players in ZL fight from star :D!

3aa r aa

Simply applying short circuit to R

4aa w 4aa w 4aa w

That's the full W combo, last W with short circuit will explode orbs (explained above)

q 4aa e T

Throwing orb beside the Boss then as fast as you do the 4 autoattacks you use E T, since with e usage can increase T damage by 100%

3aa r aa E F

That's the most used ulti Combo by me, you need to use e to dash backwards to get abit far from the boss to max range for F for increased damage (F damage is 1950xint on perfect cast)

4aa e q f

Another way to use ulti

4aa w q f

In this way you have to try to not hit boss (the target you want to ulti) with W because it'll take the use of short circuit.
~~3aa r aa w 4aa w w 4aa E

In this combo you need to use your w before your R hit the boss, 3rd w is without 4aa since it'll explode orbs, and as we want to do more damage so we use E for it,mostly you can make your own patern for E, after 4aa E, you just try to go through orb then boss, orb then boss etc.., when you'll be able to hit all 5 orbs everytime, you'll deal insane amount of damage, but it's hard even on me sometimes, since areas differ in every fight and can be problematic for example in sd, you barely can hit few, since area is bad designed.
~~ For a complete 60secs damage test
Here's some combos, the way i do it :

1. q hr 4aa r e t
2. 4aa w 4aa ww 4aa e(grab all orb from r)
3. 4aa r w 4aa ww 4aa e(grab all orbs)
4. 4aa e q f or 4aa w q f
5. then waiting r + t cd using short combo like 4aa q e

6. once t+r ready q 4aa r e t 4aa r e and thats 60 secs

(HR= hell riser)
4) Items: ~midgame

Weapon:belius/staff of souls

Ring:ring of the reaper/latea,the ring of chaos/ring of intrusion

Hood:storm headdress/prophetia,the source of mana

Robe:frozen robe/fairy garment/robe of the reaper

Wings:Frozen heart,corrupt crystal wings/cape of corrupt flame

~SD gear

Weapon:ethenos,the staff of space/hell riser

Ring:cold ring of death/ring of time

Hood:crown of serenity

Robe:medea,robe of the witch/diana,robe of holy maiden

Wings:soul eater/grim heart/cloak of the fallen shadows

~EndGame Gear

Weapon:the ender

Ring:latea,the ring of overlord

Hood:horn of lightning god



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