Arcane Mage item build??

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Arcane Mage item build??

Post by Flane7 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:26 pm

This is not a guide, I'm on the look for suggestions. So any reply would be much appreciated

Hi guys, I'm Flane. A new relatively twrpg player with Arcane Mage as my main hero. Grinding gears in twrpg takes a lot effort so I'd want to not get lost itemizing my hero. I would like to hear some ideas because it's kinda hard to find an Arcane Mage player with endgame gears.

"Some of the contents of this post is hypothetical due to my lack of gears to test it"

To get things simpler, I didn't do tests on hood and staff since by seeing the available options, I could already infer what they do. I will just make a quick summary on those two things.


Prophetia seems to be the only decent hood for Arcane Mage. It gives tons of intelligence, mana (which is what Q and W is scaling on) and skill damage. The active combined with F and 3 full combos would do tons of damage.

Apocrypha is more support oriented, but it gives you far less dps than Prophetia. I suppose there are tons of other heroes that would be better Apocrypha wearers than Arcane Mage.

I won't even bother considering other hoods for obvious reasons.


Hell Riser is best for dps, it also has an -8% magic resist active which will boost the entire team's magic damage.

Ethenos got some STR for a bit survivability.

Now the real discussion starts, will be comparing wings, ring, and robe.


Archangel Wings stats and proc will greatly increase dps, even though it's purely based on luck. It has got 2 specs; +10% F damage and +3 seconds F->F duration which is really good. I concluded that Archangel Wings is the best wing, but it is VERY EXPENSIVE so I will discuss about PCW instead.

PCW is quite overrated I could say.
1. Unlike Archangel Wings, PCW procs doesn't give +10% skill damage and +50% damage reduction. Sure it does reset skills, but on a VERY LONG COOLDOWN. PCW has a cooldown of 150 seconds, while D has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Sum that up and you would say that PCW would give a max of 2 skill combos (if it procs after DQWERT is on cooldown, which makes you able to dish the whole QWERT combo, reset with D, and do another QWERT) that is the best outcome with PCW, while it is purely based on luck. If you are not lucky u could only dish 1 QWERT combo because D was not on cooldown when PCW procs.
2. At first glance it seems like it would do 10%-20% more total damage, but this is mostly not the case. Arcane Mage uses Prophetia and Medea to greatly increase her damage output while doing 3 combos with QWERT -> D -> QWERT -> F -> D -> QWERT. After some tests on some boss runs, that combo sums up for most of the damage that Arcane Mage does. While it seems like Arcane Mage does sustain dps with her combo without items and F active, it is VERY RARE that Arcane Mage would have enough time to do that. For example on SK fights, Arcane Mage needs to be on melee range to dish out damage, while every 25% SK stomps and you should avoid that. With the whole team doing damage, at most you can only do 2 combos before each stomp. On ZL fights, on the 1st and 2nd life usually you could also only do 2 combos each, since ZL melts to the team's dps and revives. On the 3rd life, you would want to burst ZL ASAP before he regains mp and people die to miasma/aco/star/anything. I could also say the same for in between Samael wheels and some other bosses. Arcane Mage needs PCW to proc during the duration of Prophetia and Medea to be able to significantly affect the total damage output.
3. The hp and mana regen aspect of PCW isn't the least useful for Arcane Mage, since she heals with D and Q.
4. It has lower int, and total HP increase from STR than Frost Fairy Wings.
5. It has got +1% more skill damage than Frost Fairy Wings, but considering the other gears I already had +33~% skill damage which makes 1% isn't that big of a deal. It also has got AGI but who cares :mrgreen:
6. The +8% F damage spec is kinda nice.

Frost Fairy Wings
1. Gives more int and mana (which is what Q and W scales on) than PCW. 12500 mana is about 1/4 of my total mana pool with Staff of Souls, Robe of the Reaper, Ring of Intrusion, Prophetia (not greater). Which means each Q and W will do about 25% more damage.
2. Gives just a bit more HP than PCW, even though ~1k hp is kinda useless.
3. Consistent, it's not luck dependent.
4. Ez portal

All in all, Archangel Wings > Frost Fairy Wings > Pure Crystal Wings. It's still based on my opinion and some rough tests, I would love to hear some ideas about it.


Ring of Time is what people usually say would be good on Arcane Mage, but Seal of Deceiver also caught my eyes. I don't have either of them so i will speculate based on the data.

Ring of Time
1. The best usage of it would be when using Prophetia and Medea whilst using F to perform a 4th combo (QWERT -> D -> QWERT -> F -> D -> Ring of Time -> QWERT -> D -> QWERT). It is easy to combo it perfectly on dummies, but on real boss runs, there would be a lot of circumstances wherein you need to cancel the whole combo in order to survive or to not ruin the fight (for example : targeted by BD tentacles, targeted by Samael Annihilate, ZL star, etc). I counted the whole time (in BD fights) for in which i could get the 4th combo with Ring of Intrusion, and the results were 3 successful combos out of 14 tries. Ring of Time might do better due to its stun, silence, and knockback resist.
2. The "revive" passive is great.
3. The Mana regen aspect is again useless on Arcane Mage.

Seal of Deceiver
1. The passive that store 1% of damage dealt as max Health and Mana (10% of Max Health and Max Mana Cap) is great on Arcane Mage. ASSUMING the 10% max Health and Mana Cap is before auras, buffs, and item actives, with Staff of Souls, Robe of the Reaper, Prophetia (not greater), Frost Fairy Wings, and Seal of Deceiver I got around 68000 max Mana, which means the passive alone will increase max Mana by around 6800, while again, Q and W scales with Mana. Also counting the extra survivability from the HP steal.
2. The store resets after 6 seconds since last doing damage. Arcane Mage is constantly spamming skills so there would be not a lot of cases wherein the stock resets (haven't tested it out though).
3. The active could deal a little burst damage, sacrificing the stored Mana and HP. While the silence, -100% damage output, and greatly slows movement speed is good, the duration of 1.5 seconds is underwhelming. It also only procs after 4 seconds which makes the debuffs quite unreliable.
2. More base INT and STR than Ring of Time.
3. No revive.
4. +4% more skill damage than Ring of Time.
5. Doesn't give AGI but who cares. :mrgreen:

I literally haven't tested either of the items, so my speculations might be a bit if not so far off the mark. I'd like to hear ideas on this.


Basically there are 2 options to go for, Medea and Winter Robe. Testing with their lower grade robe (Frozen Robe and Robe of the Reaper), I came to conclusion that Robe of the Reaper is very good situationally (having some heals and barriers from the team). It increases my total damage on SK fights for roughly an average of 10% higher than using Frozen Robe. After getting to know that, I decided to yolo every sk fights even without supports (most of them ended up in me dying early though lel, which means I deal like only 10% if the total damage I usually did if I survived). I need to play the fight safe and non-greedily to survive the whole fight without supports, which ended up decreasing my total damage on the boss to where I started with Frozen Robe, but with higher chances of dying.

Winter Robe
1. Higher base armor and magic resistance than Medea.
2. Higher base INT and Skill Damage, but will be lower total INT and Skill Damage due to Medea's passive.
3. Gives a chunky 3000 HP.
4. The active could block tons of damage, very frequently used if Arcane Mage wants to stick at melee range to dish out damage.

1. Lower survivability makes you need to play on the safe side, unless there are supports to heal and give barriers.
2. Playing it on the safe side means keeping distance from the boss and thus decreases the total damage Arcane Mage can muster.
3. The active does a lot of burst damage if used during F and the full combo, provided if Arcane Mage is able to survive sticking to the boss.
4. A whopping +14% skill damage during the active, whilst throwing orbs of damage.

Winter Robe gives the survivability to stick near the boss, while Medea gives the burst. I really can't decide which I'm going to make first. Winter Robe seems better but I love doing damage so might go for Medea :lol: . I don't want to waste 100 hours farming materials and getting little benefit from it.. :mrgreen:

I guess that's that. Been a long post but I hope some legendary players could give me some insight on this?

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Re: Arcane Mage item build??

Post by 777 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:19 pm

Ive only lvled AM up lvl 300, but over the years ive seen few people play it on low and high runs.

As for items, HR is a great item, I love it in team fights but not sure how great passive will be for it. From AM players ive heard Ethenos seems to be best staff for AM overrall. Bloody Hatred used to be crafted for AM also, but seems not anymore( not sure but think spell cast were changed to give fire sd?? it should be SD instead of Fire Affinity per cast, but bit lower sd. So heros like Am would go for it, the mini stuns are really nice)

For hood Prophetia upgrade is simply the best I bellive. Dunno how Crown of Serenity would work or do for am, but people love it for other ints. I find it rather weak.
For ring everyone makes Ring of Time, simply refresh I would assume. Seal ive not seen anyone use before, but ive seen 1 end gear AM with Latea ring of overlord

Wings are mainly pcw they used to be super op on AM but it was nerfed long ago, but still I think its the best for AM, simply refresh. Tho its based on abit luck, if you get op refresh you can do insane dmg when timed well with other buffs etc otherwise a bad refresh might not put dps on par with FFW. But still would recommend pcw craft. Dont know how Grim Heart would be, but its awesome wing for most heroes, just pure stats and nice utilities

The armor is medea for good dps! Winter robe has insane active, pretty much save you out of most stuff besides instant kills and has low cd

Not sure if this any help at all, just my thought on them. And yea testing items on solo dummy wont tell you much besides a basic cap of stuff. As the end game bosses got phases which they cant be attacked or gotto clear other stuff and taking into account team compositions

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