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Bow Master Guide

Post by ngengg » Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:34 am

- Introduction
Bow Master is a female range character which main role is burst damage dealer. Altough her movement speed is slow, she has many stun so she can handle bosses with hit and run tactics. She can heal a little and one of her skill has +stats which affecting people surround her. She has simple gameplay but pretty fragile so she can’t stand nuke from bosses. If you want to play this character, spend your stat to agi because all of her skill is agi dependant and all other stat can be gain from equipments.

- Skills
D – Elven Arrow
A passive skill that increase range and makes your attack explode (4 seconds cooldown) which give damage on and around your target. After the explosion you gain stack (max 2 stacks) that increase your Q and W damage by 30% and reset their cooldown.
Q – Flame Shot
This skill is your main skill for interrupting bosses because of the stun. It also have back dashes so you can make this skill some sort of escape mechanism. While you have elven arrow stacks, Q will has no cooldown and no dashing back. If you use Q on target that stunned, it deals explosion on your target also the explosion has pretty big AoE too. Q will not pierce enemies and will stop on the first enemies that get hit by it.
W – Freezing Shot
The skill that shoots 5 arrows covering about 70 degrees and makes your enemies slow. The damage of this skill is better than Q if not exploding. This skill effect will increase gradually if you have Frostbane or Everfrostbane. It will make the ice arrow freezing the enemies, but before that you will just slow them. The arrows will pierce enemies so you can cleanse mobs with this. Make sure to use this skill on your hit and run tactics.
E – Guardian Scout
A supportive skill that increase you and your allies damage and mainstat. This skill will summon a transparent owl that follow you everywhere and attacking your target with magic damage. If you activate this skill, the owl will fly surround you. It will heal and increase movement speed on you and your allies for 5 seconds. Remember to deactivate this skill if you cast R because the owl will not attacking on this state.
R – Purestorm Shot
A skill that summon storm that stun your enemies inside the AoE of this skill. If your owl attack the target (hence you must attack too), it will deal pure damage on each hit. The storm last 3 second so make sure you hit them while it last.
T – Arrow Rain
You can guess by the name that this skill will rain enemies with arrow based on last skill (Q or W) that you used. If Q was the last skill, it will rain fire arrows that has more damage and radius. On the other hand, W will make you cast ice arrow rain that freezing enemies for 2.5 seconds. Depend on the condition and composition of the team, use this skill wisely. This skill will be change if you use Heartseeker, the damage will increase gradually and the animation is cool too.
F – Magic Ballista
A bonus skill that can be gain after you reach level 260, also your ultimate skill. You will cast a slow projectile arrow with swirling arrows that damaging enemies and also give +6 stacks of elven arrow (this skill bypass the max 2 stacks condition) so you will have 8 stacks in total. This is your main bursting skill because you can spam Q or W depends on condition.

- Items
The list below will be sort from the best equips to the first you must aim (1 is for best and so on).

1. Everfrostbane
2. Heartseeker
3. Frostbane
4. Stalker
5. Yggrect, the Arcdevil’s Bow
6. Crossbow of Requiem / Pires, the Bow of Wind / Dragonbow Aience / Icicle Storm
BM can only use bow and universal weapons like Blood Orb, Spiritus, etc. So before you can kill Mage Lord, Blood Wraith, or Wings of Death you can use whatever bows that drop from field boss (ex: Deathknight, Ragnaar, etc.). For me, Crossbow of Requiem is the best bow among low gear bow. After that, aim for Yggrect or if you have team with enough gear to farm Rectus or Frost Spider Lord you can skip Yggrect and aim for Stalker or Frostbane. Those 2 bows have speciality for BM, Stalker will improve Arrow Rain and Frostbane will improve Freezing Shot. Keep in mind that you will use one of those two bows for a long time because Heartseeker need mat from SK and ZL so be patience. BM’s best bow for now is Everfrostbane because the stat and passive also the speciality upgrade from Frostbane.

1. Benedict, the Crimson Armor of Blood
2. Grandine, Armor of the Spectre
3. Cruoris, the Armor of Blood / Rusalka
4. Vest of Protection
5. Cape of the Dead / Dekaros, the Unholy Armor
Armor is simple because her main role is burst, you can just aim Cruoris from the start. Try to get Cape of the Dead or Dekaros on low gear. Cape of the Dead and Vest of Protection will give you more survivability. I put Grandine on this list because it has good survivability spec that will save you from critical moment. Since you will struggle farming the mats for it, you don’t really need to make it. Benedict will give you more damage and also have a little heal if you not attacking for 8 seconds. I put Rusalka because it has anti magic shield (AMS) and can be subtitute armor on some bosses.

1. Dragon Mask
2. Helm of Battle (HOB) / Grim Visage
3. Death Visage
4. Horn of Destruction
At first, try to get Jack Helm for Death Visage and Dragon’s Helm Agron for Helm of Battle. After that you can aim Horn of Destruction for more burst by killing Demon Lord or Death Visage if you have team that can help you farm Mad Clown. Don’t forget to collect ingredients for HOB because this will save you from magic spell that can wipe you. HOB and Grim Visage has different function, HOB is a semi-support helm and good survivability with it AMS and Grim Visage is burst + heal.

1. Ring of Time
2. Latea, the Ring of Chaos
3. Demonis, the Demon Lord’s Ring
4. Frost Web Brooch (FWB)
5. Lifestone
6. Corrupt Crystal Fragment (CCF)
The first accessory you must get is CCF from Golem. This CCF will become Corrupt Crystal Wings later. After that you can use FWB from Frost Spider Lord or Lifestone from Mana Ancient while farming Demonis. Demonis has good stat and bonus armor will make you stronger. After you get Latea, I recommend you to just use this ring until you make Ring of Time. Latea have decent +skill damage and also Absolute Protection that block damage income. This passive even can block Sacred Judgement if you are lucky. In my opinion even Brooch of Darkness can’t be compared with Latea for BM.

1. Wings of Slayer (WOS)
2. Pure Crystal Wings (PCW)
3. Wings of Fury (WOF)
4. Corrupt Crystal Wings (CCW)
CCW is the best starter wings for BM. It has good stat and big +skill damage for a starter wings. You will use this until you get PCW, or if you got the ingredients you can make WOF while at it. Because BM use skills often, WOF will activate really often so you will get bonus agi. If I compare PCW and WOF, PCW is better only when the refresh is on. Well, it’s your choice to skip PCW and aim WOS directly. PCW offer bulk +skill damage and regeneration while WOF offer +bonus agi and better damage over time. And the last wings you should aim is WOS because it is WOF upgrade and has better stat and passive.
For more information about items, you can refer to item list on viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1666

- Leveling
Each level up you will gain 4 status points and because you’re a BM just type -agi 4 to increase your agi. If you not increase your status and your status points reach 40, you will get 100 fatigue and the reaper will come with question (a simple addition maths). You can make it dissapear with answering the question (don’t forget to insert – symbol in front of your answer). Command -autoloot is on by default and it will make you loot any items from monsters on your bag. You can deactivate or activate this command whenever you want but i suggest let it on while leveling. You can call bag with Esc and you also can save items on your bag. The second bag is for powders, saving them from the start isn’t necessary but you will need it when you reach 350.

You will start at Alfon and go to bottom right corner and pick place to leveling here. You can grinding level to 80 on those place. Don’t forget to exchange your loots with quest on the top left corner at Alfon. After you reach level 40, you can take apples for bonus exp from Uncle Van Farm. You can go to farm by reaching the portal and choosing the second choice from top. Fruits on farm can be taken until you reach level 300 so don’t forget to take them each 15 minutes.

After reach level 80 you can move to murloc by teleporting to Prius or Mine. Then go to the bottom of the maps and you can find murloc there. Try to leveling with hunting quest by taking it on Prius’ priest or elder on Mine Area. Also you can keep exchange the murloc scale here too. After reaching 120 you can either go to Snow Area or just keep at murloc’s. But when you reach 160 you must move to wallachia. Here you can deactivate -autoloot because the items will give you nothing from quest. Keep going here until 200 and move to Fire area. Here you can activate again -autoloot and exchange the items for quest. You will stay here until you reach level 350.

From level 350 your exp from quest will be different from before. Quest will just give you a little exp and from now you can leveling by doing bosses because it’s not effective anymore to grinding from monsters. Summon them by looking at help by pressing f9 or you can also summon item bosses that drop sometimes (Magical Horn, Frozen Crystal, Mask of Blood, and Nightmare Rod). Keep this pace until you reach level 400.

Leveling from 401 – 420 is difficult because exp from bosses will be little. You will start grinding again by using 1000 monsters quest from mage on Prius. Go to advanced murloc place (you can get inside after 240, right side of the ship) and grind here. One of that quest will make you gain 1 level whatever exp position you have, so try to use it wisely. Stats that you gain at this level will be 40 on each level, make sure to increase your agi because it will help a lot.

- Bosses
You can get information for bosses here viewtopic.php?f=14&t=589

Early to mid game bosses aren’t too difficult to kill. You can just wait until they use AMS (green bubble on their body) and then spam your skills to them. You can lure him to use AMS by hitting them at start. Hydra to Demon Lord will be good practice for you. If you died you can just repeat what you have done and try to use better tactics while analyst the pattern for each bosses.

Bosses that you should consider is Mana Ancient (MA) because it has rapid regeneration and Mad Clown (MC) for it tricky play. For MA, you should have mid-gear level to solo it else you can ask someone to help you. Be careful of the green circle that it cast on ground, avoid it properly. If it casting skill that summon green orbs and gathering them, you should take the orbs with your friends because they will heal MA. After it reach 100 mana, MA will cast blue smoke screen surround it that will pull you. Try to avoid this smoke screen because it will really kill you.

For MC, you can keep hitting it until it have 50% health and it will cast wheel. This red wheel will spin counter clockwise and release yellow pulse. Yellow pulse is warning for you to avoid those within it else you will be stunned and die by red line. Try to practicing this wheel by watching replay on viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1087&hilit=mad+clown

After this phase, you will start to kill mid game – end game bosses that can’t be soloed by BM for now because their mechanism.

The first is Corruptor Rectus, you can’t kill this boss by soloing if you don’t have pre-end gear. This boss summon 3 times that is on 75%, 50%, and 25% health. At 75& and 50%, Rectus will become invulnerable that you must kill it summons before you can hit it again. The first one it will summon is pudge, use your R and T to lock it and kill it fast. The second is pudge and naix. You must aim naix first and try to kill them before they reach pudge or else they will heal it. Also they will explode when died, so use your F here at start of this phase. At the last part it will summon pudge and naix again, but Rectus will become vulnerable after some seconds. Go full skill on this phase and kill it quick.

Flame Nightmare (FN) is boss that need to be tanked, your role here is burst. You can either use your F after it knee and the kiter lure him to the top corner side of the map, or after 40% HP and it become vulnerable again. You must avoid its summon and ball from the hatred. If you get mark of hatred, go away from your teammates and hit FN where no allies there. You also can help stun FN with Q while tanker kite it.

The third is Turtle Lord (TL). The tanker must kite it to the middle of the map and hold it there. When it reach 40 mana, it will summon healing turtle either from the left or the right that walk to TL with slow speed. Save your R for those healing turtle and kill them before they reach main body of TL. Also at every quarter of it health TL will summon many turtle. Search for blue turtle, use your R and hit them because you have pure damage on it. They have huge magic reduction so your normal skill won’t make them budge. While the brown turtle can be killed fast with your T or F. After reach 25% TL mana regen will doubled so go all out at this time.

Spirit Beast (SB) is the boss that need to be killed as fast as possible. Your role here is stunner and burst. Wait for it using AMS first and then use your ice T so it will freeze and make your allies can hit it without fear. Right before the freeze ends use your R and hit it so SB keep being stunned. The last is use F and spam your Q so it explodes on him. Sometimes you can use your W too for cleaning monsters around because they will heal SB rapidly.

Bone Dragon (BD) is the boss on advance fire area. Your role here is burst and stun. If it use name calls, you must stun him fast with Q or R. Try to avoid claws because you can’t stand it. You can use F after battle start to end first phase fast so you can use F again at third phase. Saving skill stun everytime is a must here. Also avoid phoenix because you will get damage over time near them.

On Ancient Ent (AE) your role is burst. At start use all your skill except F until it summon Elder Ents. While someone tanking one of the Elders, you must kill other Elder with your allies fast and sometimes you must catch orbs too. You will dying if you catch too much orbs so keep using E here for healing. Also avoid storm because that will insta killed you, use Tunic of Subtlety here for better survivability. Beware of Elder counter attack like Blade Mail effect on DotA, stop your spam when it body become brown. You can either use F at Elder or Ancient main body after first Elder die, it’s your choice to be honest.

After that is Skeleton King Desperia (SK), your role here is burst and proc stomp on every quarter of it health. At start of the battle, use your R to lock him and use F to trigger first stomp. If SK cast Fall in Despair (Rain) skill, go to the skull land on right or left map and stay there. Use E for healing you and allies, you can also hit SK with Q, W, or T at this phase. Try to trigger stomp again at 50% and 25% with your T and Q after your melee allies flee. Beware of mini skels that can hook you, if you not lucky they will hook you to the mid at Rain skill. Cleanse them with Q, W, or R if many of them on field.

On Zombie Lord (ZL) your role is burst damage and aco taker. Use your ice T at start to lock him on the middle and let you hit it easily. At first phase each aco will summon coil that can kill you so avoid standing in the middle or near ZL. You must pay attention to acos, they will heal ZL if they reach 100 mana (don’t forget to use holy water to make them not immune to normal stun). If they reach 100 mana, stun them with Q or R if too many zombies in front of you. You can use F on 2nd phase after star or on 3rd phase after craze depends on team condition. Use HOB here to avoid explosion infect from ZL.

Samael have 2 room, one for the boxer and one for the main body. You will be on the main body room here and burst it. At first use your T and R to make it using wheel. After the first wheel use F to proc 2nd wheel fast and use all out skill after 2nd wheel. It sounds easy but you must avoid vanish and name calls too. Use HOB if you get name calls or have to taking orbs.

On Shadow Dragon (SD) area you are really fragile. You must keep using E during the battle for healing you and allies. At first of battle use R on SD’s main body and hit it. Avoid hit SD if he cast green aura because it will heal it main body. Use your F on 3 mini dragons that he summon, or if you have Heartseeker your T will be enough and you can use F at the main body after all mini dragon dead. Watch out of breath, it will make you really vulnerable. Try to do damage while being mobile and cast E to heal.

At last this guide is just from my experience and opinion, hope it help and thanks for reading. If you not agree about what I write, please comment and state your argument or maybe question. And remember, practice makes perfect!

And if you want to get better answer and informations about Bow Master, you can also refer to guide by maciejos886. Goodluck!
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Re: Bow Master Guide

Post by bubblewrap » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:47 pm

guide outdated???

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Re: Bow Master Guide

Post by ngengg » Sun Oct 06, 2019 1:24 pm

bubblewrap wrote:
Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:47 pm
guide outdated???
Yes it is, this guide is outdated. The items part and some of her skills has changed and I don't have time to update this guide. But overall the role and boss section is good to go.
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