The World RPG S4 v0.43c (ENG)

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The World RPG S4 v0.43c (ENG)

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Korean and English versions.

Code compatibility: from S4 v0.30a and onwards

Some bugs might still remain, so if you find any please report them as soon as you can

  • Bug fixes
    • Berserker - Fixed Rabid storm (F) not dealing damage
    • Bow master - Fixed Purestorm shot (R) not dealing damage
    • Gunner - Fixed Tumble (Q) not amplifying damage
    • Reaper - Fixed Consecutive strikes (W) stacks not amplifying damage
    • Water mage - Fixed Glacier orb (T) not dealing damage
    • Wind mage - Fixed Gentle winds (W) not dealing damage
    • Wing mage - Fixed Guardian of wind (F) not having proper magic resistance
    • Lightning mage - Fixed Hypercharge (T) not dealing damage
    • Arcane mage - Fixed Gravity field (E) not dealing damage
    • Soul weaver - Fixed Soul transfer (E) not dealing damage
    • Elementalist - Fixed Seal of chaos (F) - Collapse dimension (W) not dealing damage
    • Water cannon - Fixed active not dealing damage
    • Jupiter, the robe of heavens - Fixed active not dealing damage
    • Robe of archlich - Fixed active not working properly
    • Halo of judgment/Radiance of the one - Fixed floating text for damage being visible to other players
    • Death immunity - Fixed some spells/items bypassing death immunity
    • Corruptor rectus/Valtora/Nereid - Fixed repeating fight phases or dying before going through all phases
  • Misc
    • Properly applied missing periodic damage effects
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