The World RPG S4 v0.43b (ENG)

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The World RPG S4 v0.43b (ENG)

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Korean and English versions.

Winter event ends in this version

Code compatibility: from S4 v0.30a and onwards

Due to major system reworks a lot of minor bugs could be present, please report them as soon as you can

  • Events
    • Winter event ends in this version
  • Bug fixes
    • Dummy - Fixed dying if too much damage is taken from one instance
    • Dummy - Fixed not properly showing damage taken when on 1 hp
    • Triple snow - Fixed bonus damage from active bypassing death immunity (for example being able to kill reviving Zombie lord)
    • Death fiend - Fixed 20% hp empower being able to activate more than once (giving him more attack speed, etc.)
    • Priest - Fixed Heal (D) applied to other allies dissapearing when it's casted again
    • Damage increase - Fixed some effects being affected by damage resistance:
      • For example: when dealing damage to target with 90% damage resistance while having 40% damage increase only 4% of it is applied
      • Astra, the sword of moonlight - Active
      • Horn of demon god - Passive
      • Reaper - Death mark (F)
      • Trickster - Devil's mirror (E)
    • Tokens - Fixed Sea god token being able to move between areas
    • Cape of corrupt flame/Cloak of the fallen shadows/Cape of deep abyss - Fixed skill damage, magic resistance and damage resistance applying twice to passive damage
  • Items
    • Halo of judgment/Radiance of the one
      • Proc damage increased by 150%
      • Proc generation cycle increased from 0.3 seconds to 0.75 seconds
      • Max proc stack amount reduced from 5 to 3
    • Astra, the sword of moonlight
      • Proc damage changed from 40 X mainstat to 750% attack damage dealt + 32.5 X mainstat
    • Latea, the ring of overlord
      • All stats nerfed from 1300 to 1250
    • Cold ring of death
      • Active now counts damage taken before reductions rathen than after
      • Active damage changed from damage taken X 100% magic damage to damage taken X 500% pure damage (500% maxhp limit)
    • Ring of nightmare/Ring of strike/Ring of insanity
      • Periodic damage nerfed from 25%/25%/35% to 20%/25%/30%
      • Healing taken reduction buffed from 25%/25%/35% to 20%/25%/30%
    • Cape of corrupt flame/Cloak of the fallen shadows/Cape of deep abyss
      • Added 9%/12%/13.5% periodic damage
      • Passive now deals periodic damage of same type that procs it
      • Passive now counts periodic damage dealt before armor/magic resistance/damage resistance
        • For example: Dealing 10000 magic damage to target with 90% magic resistance will deal 1000 magic damage to it and passive will apply 1500 periodic magic damage (with actual value being 150 X (1 + periodic damage))
        • Another example: Dealing 10000 pure damage to target with 50% damage resistance will deal 5000 pure damage to it and passive will apply 1500 periodic pure damage (with actual value being 750 X (1 + periodic damage))
  • Monsters
    • Corruptor rectus
      • Can now be re-entered after failure
  • Heroes
    • Berserker
      • Bloodbath (D)
        • Proc chance buffed from 15% to 17%
        • Periodic damage no longer activates single-target effects, instead when passive procs a 0 damage single-target hit applies to target
    • Trickster
      • Devil's mirror (E)
        • Damage dealt increase effect now applies to both self and Fantasm (D)
        • Now always applies damage dealt increase debuff, but duration is changed to 3~12 seconds depending on distance between hero and illusion
      • Stage finisher (T)
        • Can no longer be casted on non-marked targets
  • Misc
    • Increased damage limit that dummies can record
    • -record command now properly displays magic resistance of enemy targets
    • Bonus damage dealt/Damage multiplier provided by some items is now properly combined and displayed
      • Currently only applies to Latea, the ring of overlord/Halo of judgment/Radiance of the one/Atricia, the sword of dreams, may be expanded to other items later
      • Example: floating text for damage will show 1000000 (+20%) if Latea, the ring of overlord procs
    • Critical damage now has an exclamation point added to floating text for damage for easier identification of when attacks/spells crit
      • Example: 1400 = normal damage, 2800! = critical damage
    • More spells now count as periodic damage (full list can be found in pinned messages in #tw-chat on official map server):
      • Berserker
        • Rabid storm (F) except final hit
      • Fighter
        • Takedown (F) except final hit
      • Paladin
        • Genesis (F)
      • Bow master
        • Purestorm shot (R)
      • Hermit
        • Purify (F)
      • Reaper
        • Death's slash (R)
      • Shooter
        • Stardust rain (T)
      • Sniper
        • Storm aegis (E)
      • Swordsman
        • Illusal dance (T)
        • Genocide storm (F)
      • Blood weaver
        • Life drain (E)
        • Sacrifice (F)
      • Lightning mage
        • Hypercharge (T)
      • Soul weaver
        • Harvest (A)
        • Soul transfer (E)
      • Warlock
        • Dimension collapse (W)
        • Vengeance (E) except final hit
        • Apocalypse (F)
      • Water mage
        • Glacier orb (T)
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