The World RPG S4 v0.42d (ENG)

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The World RPG S4 v0.42d (ENG)

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Korean and English versions.

Code compatibility: from S4 v0.30a and onwards

  • Event
    • Decreased ticket drop chance from early game bosses
    • Increased ticket drop chance from late game bosses
    • Snowball fight
      • Base snowball damage buffed from 4 to 6
      • Power rune damage increase buffed from 2 to 3
    • Winter gifts
      • Increased droprate of first 8 snow crystals obtained after this patch by 50% (players that already acquired 8 or more will also benefit from this)
      • Snow crystal droprate increased by ~15%
      • Other reward droprates increased by ~33%
    • Boss units now have 12.5% chance to spawn with a buff that doubles their droprate
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