The World RPG S4 v0.61g

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The World RPG S4 v0.61g

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Korean Version
English Version

Code compatibility: from v0.60c and onwards

Event is ending in a week. Make sure to post all your replays before then

Bug Fix
Trickster - Fixed issue with item cooldowns resetting on unsummon
Mage (Wind) - Fixed issue with crit chance not working properly on Q attack mode

Magical Gravestone
Before: changes your grave model
After: changes how all graves appear to you only
Bomb Bag Series
Dangerous Explosive / Cursed Doll - Damage accumulated now considers the original damage taken without any modifications
Ring of Eternity
Active now usable at 0 stacks; stacks now go from 70->0 instead of 0->70

At 6 players or above, field boss / minor boss max respawn count will be increased to 15
Field Boss (Ragnaar / Mana Ancient / Giant Golem / Tentacle Lord / Mad Clown)
Rare item drop rates increased by approx. 50%
Icon drop rate increased from by 300~500% (0.15%~0.25% -> 0.75%)
No longer respawns automatically. Can now be resummoned 5 times via Memory Stone, but takes 120s to respawn unlike raid respawns
P2 magic defense/reduction increased from 15%/40% -> 15%/42.5%
Tendrils will no longer pull invulnerable units
Damage reduction 33% -> 36%
Life Energy bar repositioned to be easier to see (less overlap with HP bar)
Few skills have been sped up a bit, such as transition into final phase/Life Sap/Spirit Call
Spirit Orb - Collision damage 4000 -> 6000
Plants - Spawn interval 20s -> 25s, no longer clears during Empowered but they will only do damage and not give/drain Life Energy during Empowered phase

F - Pulse damage STR X 40 -> AD X 2.5 + STR X 30
Bow Master
E - Aura range 900 -> 1000
R - Skill damage increase (10 + Main Stat / 325)% -> (10 + Main Stat / 400)%
E - Skill damage increase (7 + INT / 450)% -> (7 + INT / 500)%
Mage (Wind)
Q - Icon changed for attack/heal mode
R - Skill damage increase (4 + INT / 750)% -> (5 + INT / 600)%, cast time reduced
F - Cast time reduced
W - Regenerates 20% HP/MP over 6s -> 15% HP over 6s
WR (Healing Rain) - Heal per second INT X 0.75 -> INT X 0.07, while active, F will no longer drain your HP
F - Max stacks 32 -> 30, HP drained will start off from 5% per second again once Healing Rain wears off

HP bar sizes on heroes/summons consolidated
Lag reduced on some skills
Training room reset now resets Trickster clone as well
Craft message will now display to all players even in replay mode
Added a stat exchange NPC by Prius portal
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