The World RPG S4 v0.24e

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The World RPG S4 v0.24e

Post by FlyingCow » Sun Jun 09, 2019 10:55 pm

Korean version (click on 첨부파일(1) in top right, then on 내PC 저장), english will be out later.

- Fixed hermit W being able to target bags/powder bags/probes
- Fixed hermit W not being castable on magic immune targets
- Fixed alchemist golem not dealing additional damage on each attack
- Fixed power recorder not showing hp regeneration properly
- Fixed death fiend coils being angled improperly

- Added dragonic rod as optional replacement of dark crystal in staff of the abyss recipe
- Base damage of crimson hatred active buffed from 200 X int to 250 X int, maximum additional damage nerfed from 150% to 100%, changed to apply to target and enemies around it and changed visual effect
- Made shield break text on winter's heart visible to user
- Shield formula of frozen robe/winter robe actives changed from 1.2 X maxmana + 5 X int to 0.75 X maxmana + 6 X int, damage resistance from water mage W special effect nerfed from 15% to 12%
- Added 300 mainstat to ring of fervor proc
- Soul eater active when used from 0 mana changed from 0% efficiency to 50%

- Buffed experience gain from killing monsters, made early lvling areas more populated, buffed attack damage of monsters in mid and late lvling areas, level requirement for Kaldi forest entry nerfed from 30 to 25, level requirement for Lav sea entry nerfed from 80 to 60
- Separated gatekeeper and angels in memory stone (costs 1 mana to revive either now), made ifrit revivable
- Changed summons of skeletal king desperia to die when he dies
- Changed death fiend to not be included into bonds of death effect (he won't gain 4% damage output per 10% hp lost and won't increase damage reduction of self or summons in 1000 range by 90%)
- Death devourer howl cooldown nerfed from 8 seconds to 12, damage per soul changed from 7500 to 15% maxhp, made charge continue until initial target is reached or max duration ends, made souls dissapear during charge and mark to keep refreshing on charged target (so that it doesn't dissapear immediately after)
- Death huntress arrow cooldown buffed from 10 seconds to 8

- Removed mana from assassin
- Removed sould effect from hermit R, T recognition radius of R pools buffed from 1800 to 2250
- Added text back to thunderer R
- Priest D healing nerfed from 10% per second to 8%, damage reduction nerfed from 25% to 20%, duration buffed from 8 seconds to 12, cooldown buffed from 8 second to 6, changed to only stay on one target at a time, removed full hp restoration effect from DQ, made T summon get multishot ability from lvl1, removed target limit from multishot
- Soul weaver T duration nerfed from 8 seconds to 6
- Changed alchemist EQ to only be castable on heroes

- Moved weird magician npc to not block Alfon village portal
- HP restored on lvling up nerfed from 33% to 25%

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Re: The World RPG S4 v0.24e

Post by FlyingCow » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:16 am

English version.

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