Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Report any bugs, glitches, and suggestions here for future versions
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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by Morioh » Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:29 pm

When you press e (Holy grace)while using shield aura on paladin instead of sigil buff which is 4 sec, it overwrites to 2 sec judgement buff. So you can only use the 4 seccond buff if not a single enemy is around you.
I'm pretty sure that's not intentional,cuz otherwise what would be the point since you get the other aura sigil buffs.. Therefore it must be a bug.

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by kmnop » Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:28 pm

SUGGESTION :- merchant should have a auto cast option on its D like priest have with W, which helps him to do auto cast his skill D while in war so he can rather focus on allies to revive and mirco manage zl acro stuns
and less focus on self. (also merchant D's potion is rather a self oriented skill, then why not also give a autocast too, its not like the potion of D can be shared with allies so with autocast can be used more efficiently in some cases, and for other scenarios we can switch Off the autocast)
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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by Rei » Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:54 pm

Ok so I was kinda bored when I was waiting for my friend so I wrote those.
Ankh of Purification: (ring)
Gnosis - level 380
Recipe: Ring of Holy Light + Proof of Purification + Lifestone + Steel of God + Sealed Archangel Wings + Corrupt Creations

A necklace bestowed only upon the purest.

Armor + 250
INT + 1065
Magic Resistance + 9%
Passive: Movement speed aura +20%, range 800
Active - Cleanse: Cleanses targeted unit of all debuffs, cooldown 60sec
Call of the Demon: (1H/2H sword)
Gnosis - level 380
Recipe: Death Scythe + Levante + Demonis + Essence of Darkness + Essence of Anger + Dark Matter

You can hear the whispers of demons.

Damage + 32500
STR + 2025
AGI + 1920
Crit multiplier +0.2x
Magic Resistance + 5%
Passive: Each attack has ((STR + AGI) / 800)% to deal additional (Attack Damage * 1.75) magic damage to the target.
Passive: For each enemy nearby, gain +1% Skill Damage (capped at +10%) and for each ally nearby, gain +1% Magic Resist (capped at 10%, does not include summons)
Apocalypse Orb: (All classes weapon)
Alteia - level 400
Recipe: Blood Orb + Corrupt Crystal Fragment + A Page of the Unholy Book + Ancient Fragment of Ruins + Fragment of Oblivion/Orb of Oblivion + Shining Fragments of Ruins

Do you want to destroy the world?

INT + 2350
Health + 9500
Skill Damage +7
Passive: Heals user by int * 1.05 every time he casts a skill.
Passive: Reduces magic resistance of nearby enemies by 4%, range 650.
Active - Apocalypse: Starts channeling for 3 seconds, after 3 seconds summons an Apocalypse Orb above the caster. The orb deals (1% of target's max health + int * 2.5) magic damage each second in 1200 area. The orb lasts 10 seconds.
Queen of Hearts: (gun)
Gnosis - level 380
Recipe: True Dragon Cannon Belenus + Crimson Cross + Blood Orb + Dragon Heart + Heart of Fire + Soul Stone + Essence of Anger

Be careful or she might claim your heart as well.

Damage + 28650
AGI + 1860
Attack Speed + 50%
Skill Damage + 6%
Passive: Each time you crit, gain a stack of "Vampiric Bullet" for 4 seconds, stacking up to 10 times.
Vampiric bullet: Increases damage of probes by 5% per stack.

Active - Thrist: Consumes all current stacks to gain (Number of consumed stacks * 3)% pure attack speed for 6 seconds. Each shot in these 6 seconds has (5 + AGI/500)% chance to regenerate a stack of "Vampiric Bullet", cooldown 20 seconds.
Wings of Raven: (wings)
Alteia - level 400
Recipe: Shroud of Perseverance + Fragment of Corrupt Angel's feather + Burning Bone Fragment + Essence of Corruption + Mad Symbols + Death Spearhead + Dark Wings

Main Stat + 1140
All Stats + 300
Movement Speed + 175
Passive: Every 3 seconds, throws a black feather at nearest enemy, dealing (All stats * 0.85) pure damage and slowing the target by 25%.
Active - Raven's sigil: Every second attack will heal the user for 5% of its max HP, lasts 12 seconds. Total healing done is then dealt as (Total healing done * 5) magic damage to the first enemy user attacks after the buff's expiration, cooldown 90 seconds.
Hell's Pride: (spear/2H)
Gnosis - level 380
Recipe: Aglaia + Blazing heart + Essence of Anger + Dark Crystal + God's Page + Dark Wings + Corrupt Creations + Aegis of Flame

Damage + 32400
STR + 2250
Skill Damage + 12%
Crit Chance + 10%
Attack Speed + 25%
Passive: Each attack has (STR / 300)% chance to increase Crit Chance by 0.5 and Skill Damage by 0.5%, stacks up to 5 times. Stacks last until death or drop of this item.
Passive: Increases STR by 100 each time skill is cast. This effect stacks infinitely, but each stack has its own duration. Lasts 4 seconds.

Lancer Speciality - Dragonic Hellflame(F): Deals full damage even to enemies outside the middle radius. Increases F damage by 15%
Zerk speciality - Boiling Blood(E): Increases the speed of HP drain by 100%
Potion of Rage: (ring)
Gnosis - level 370
Recipe: Potion of Corruption + Essence of Anger + Ancient Fragments of Ruin + Pure Steel + Mithril

True power lies withing your rage.

All Stats + 960
Skill Damage + 9%
HP regen + 375
MP regen + 125
Movement Speed + 50
Passive: Every 10 seconds, heals the wearer for 15% of his max HP. If wearer has full HP, increases skill damage by 3% for 4 seconds instead.
Active - Rage: Passive will trigger every 4 seconds for 20 seconds. cooldown 60 seconds.
Hurricane: (1H)
Alteia - level 400
Recipe: Storm Reaver + Ring of the Storm + Fragment of Chaos + Spirit of Nightmare + Fragment of the wind + Skeleton Bone

Nothing can resist the power of the Hurricane.

Damage + 31000
AGI + 2260
Attack Speed + 25%
Movement Speed + 25%
Passive: On skill cast, next melee attack will send a tornado in line dealing (AGI * 10) magic damage. The tornado increases in size the futher it travels, up to 50%.
Active - Eye of the Storm: Summons multiple tornados in 500 radius around the caster. The tornados will slowly draw towards the caster. Each tornado deals (agi * 0.25) pure damage each second. Multiple tornados can hit the same target. The tornados last max 15 seconds.
Robe of the Lich: (robe)
Alteia - Level 400
Recipe: Robe of the Necromancer + Grim Heart + Frozen Robe + Shining Fragments of Ruins + Frozen Cobweb + Frozen Debris

Robe filled with power of the Lich.

Armor + 650
STR + 420
INT + 1250
Skill Damage + 10%
Mana Regen + 175
Passive: Slows enemies in 600 radius for 20%
Passive: Increases magic resistance by 15% every 3 seconds of not being attacked, stacks 3 times. All stacks are lost at once when taking damage.
Active - Frozen Embrace: Gains (Magic resist * 100 * 400) shield and freezes enemies each second in 300 range for 1 second. Effect ends in 7 seconds or when shield is broken.
Rusalka, the Dragon Lord's Scales: (armor/robe)
Alteia - Level 400
Recipe: Dragonic Skin Rusalka + Armor of Grudge + Dragon Wings + Dragonic Rod + Antimatter + Burning Bone Fragments

For everlasting protection.

Armor + 740
Main Stat + 890
All Stats + 160
Health + 7500
Mana + 6500
Passive: Has a 15% chance to absorb damage taken and reflect it as (damage absorbed * 1.5)pure damage.
Active - Anti-magic shell: Forms an anti-magic shell around the caster for 4 seconds. Cooldown 140 seconds.
Cometseeker: (bow)
Alteia - Level 400
Recipe: Heartseeker + Everfrostbane + Frozen Heart + Frozen Debris + Dragon Eye + Aegis of Storm/Essence of Storm + Essence of Light

Damage + 39500
AGI + 2350
Skill Damage + 8%
Crit chance + 8%
Water/Ice affinity + 8%
Passive: Every third attack hurls a comet on target enemy. The comet explodes on impact and slows target and enemies around the target in 250 radius by 20% for 3 seconds.
Passive: Attacks against slowed enemies from any source deal bonus (0.1 * attack damage) pure damage.
Active - Comet Rain: A massive comet falls from the sky, dealing (AGI*15) pure damage to all enemies in the target area and freezing them for 2 seconds. After freeze end, enemies are slowed by 80% for the next 6 seconds. During these 6 seconds, the caster of this skill will do bonus (AGI*3.5) pure damage on each hit. (stacks with passive), cooldown 120 seconds
Soulfire: (bow) -fookyouash
Alteia - Level 400
Recipe: Soulstalker + Hellflame + Aegis of flame/Essence of Flame + God's Page + Heart of Fire + Spirit of Abyss/Fragment of Oblivion + Ancient Fragments of Ruins + (SD token if ash wants it)

Damage + 38000
STR + 950
AGI + 2300
Skill damage + 11%
Passive: Steals magic resist from target enemy. Every 4th hit reduces target MR by 1% for 3 seconds and gives it to self, stacks up to 8 times.
Passive: Increases targets vulnerability to flame attacks by 10% for 10 seconds when attacked.
Active - Soulburn: Burns the wearer's soul to increase weapon's potential. Every second, wearer loses 20% of max HP and -90% healing received but gains 3% skill damage. Effect ends when the wearer's HP drop below 2%

Sniper Speciality - Soul Stealer(F): Increases the amount of close-range demolition rockets by amount of gained MR% from passive. Long range ultimate pulls all enemies from target area into the middle and suppresses them.

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by GING » Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:04 pm

SUGGESTION about Pally Nowadays

I Really disappointed with pally new skin (using a knife sword isn't he? kek)

In my opinion was like this ;

You can apply One of this following , just one of it.

  • So how about Its(Old Pally Skin"Lavi") become a new years costume for Pally :D. Or,
  • How about make Pally be origin skin , then make that news skin(Pally skin right now) => Halloween Skin for pally. Or,
  • Just Make new hero with those hero(skin) and spell. Just Remove the auras spell, and change some else. Make Pally like an old Pally(Skill & Skin).

cuz tbh, Pally Special weapon : "Hammer" its Pally signature right,




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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by WarChiff » Thu Jan 03, 2019 8:28 pm

What about to add universal event money ? For spend remains crystals/fragments... or make super craft for all of it

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by FDxKruZap » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:33 pm

Would be Nice to add new PVP Ground for Players who enjoy Fighting Others.

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by WarChiff » Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:51 pm

What about add more item sets, i see there are 3 item sets now with actually nice bonuses but it's low gear and doesn't worth time waste for collect it, soooooooo it will be nice 2 add mid/high/top gear sets with same bonuses
What about add quests for items that summon bosses like king crab and ect.? it takes sometimes 20-30 mins for drop magical horn/blood mask

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by Urim03 » Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:39 pm

Q hotkey doesn't work in 0.24e version on Hermit.
While ignoring collision with units while E, it seems items are nevertheless blocking Hermit, which is weird but I can clearly block path if I make a wall of items. It's a bit bothering on area where mobs drops items, leads to a death sometimes...
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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by anon4ik » Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:34 am

aura later ring doesn't work
see replay
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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by Equariox » Sun Dec 01, 2019 12:02 pm

As of the recent patch update for The World S4 v0.29b, Assassin's seem to have encountered an invisibility bug. Whenever an item i.e Grim Visage/Cruoris, the Armor of Blood is used, It'll put them out of invisibility for an indefinite amount of time until a skill is used such as Shadow Slash. I've confirmed that Shroud was toggled off throughout the entire trial and am in hopes that this isn't as intended and would love to see a fix to this in the near future. I've added a short replay of the testing so feel free to check it out whenever you get the time, much appreciated.
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