Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Report any bugs, glitches, and suggestions here for future versions
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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by Morioh » Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:29 pm

When you press e (Holy grace)while using shield aura on paladin instead of sigil buff which is 4 sec, it overwrites to 2 sec judgement buff. So you can only use the 4 seccond buff if not a single enemy is around you.
I'm pretty sure that's not intentional,cuz otherwise what would be the point since you get the other aura sigil buffs.. Therefore it must be a bug.

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by kmnop » Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:28 pm

SUGGESTION :- merchant should have a auto cast option on its D like priest have with W, which helps him to do auto cast his skill D while in war so he can rather focus on allies to revive and mirco manage zl acro stuns
and less focus on self. (also merchant D's potion is rather a self oriented skill, then why not also give a autocast too, its not like the potion of D can be shared with allies so with autocast can be used more efficiently in some cases, and for other scenarios we can switch Off the autocast)
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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by Rei » Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:54 pm

Ok so I was kinda bored when I was waiting for my friend so I wrote those.
Ankh of Purification: (ring)
Gnosis - level 380
Recipe: Ring of Holy Light + Proof of Purification + Lifestone + Steel of God + Sealed Archangel Wings + Corrupt Creations

A necklace bestowed only upon the purest.

Armor + 250
INT + 1065
Magic Resistance + 9%
Passive: Movement speed aura +20%, range 800
Active - Cleanse: Cleanses targeted unit of all debuffs, cooldown 60sec
Call of the Demon: (1H/2H sword)
Gnosis - level 380
Recipe: Death Scythe + Levante + Demonis + Essence of Darkness + Essence of Anger + Dark Matter

You can hear the whispers of demons.

Damage + 32500
STR + 2025
AGI + 1920
Crit multiplier +0.2x
Magic Resistance + 5%
Passive: Each attack has ((STR + AGI) / 800)% to deal additional (Attack Damage * 1.75) magic damage to the target.
Passive: For each enemy nearby, gain +1% Skill Damage (capped at +10%) and for each ally nearby, gain +1% Magic Resist (capped at 10%, does not include summons)
Apocalypse Orb: (All classes weapon)
Alteia - level 400
Recipe: Blood Orb + Corrupt Crystal Fragment + A Page of the Unholy Book + Ancient Fragment of Ruins + Fragment of Oblivion/Orb of Oblivion + Shining Fragments of Ruins

Do you want to destroy the world?

INT + 2350
Health + 9500
Skill Damage +7
Passive: Heals user by int * 1.05 every time he casts a skill.
Passive: Reduces magic resistance of nearby enemies by 4%, range 650.
Active - Apocalypse: Starts channeling for 3 seconds, after 3 seconds summons an Apocalypse Orb above the caster. The orb deals (1% of target's max health + int * 2.5) magic damage each second in 1200 area. The orb lasts 10 seconds.
Queen of Hearts: (gun)
Gnosis - level 380
Recipe: True Dragon Cannon Belenus + Crimson Cross + Blood Orb + Dragon Heart + Heart of Fire + Soul Stone + Essence of Anger

Be careful or she might claim your heart as well.

Damage + 28650
AGI + 1860
Attack Speed + 50%
Skill Damage + 6%
Passive: Each time you crit, gain a stack of "Vampiric Bullet" for 4 seconds, stacking up to 10 times.
Vampiric bullet: Increases damage of probes by 5% per stack.

Active - Thrist: Consumes all current stacks to gain (Number of consumed stacks * 3)% pure attack speed for 6 seconds. Each shot in these 6 seconds has (5 + AGI/500)% chance to regenerate a stack of "Vampiric Bullet", cooldown 20 seconds.
Wings of Raven: (wings)
Alteia - level 400
Recipe: Shroud of Perseverance + Fragment of Corrupt Angel's feather + Burning Bone Fragment + Essence of Corruption + Mad Symbols + Death Spearhead + Dark Wings

Main Stat + 1140
All Stats + 300
Movement Speed + 175
Passive: Every 3 seconds, throws a black feather at nearest enemy, dealing (All stats * 0.85) pure damage and slowing the target by 25%.
Active - Raven's sigil: Every second attack will heal the user for 5% of its max HP, lasts 12 seconds. Total healing done is then dealt as (Total healing done * 5) magic damage to the first enemy user attacks after the buff's expiration, cooldown 90 seconds.
Hell's Pride: (spear/2H)
Gnosis - level 380
Recipe: Aglaia + Blazing heart + Essence of Anger + Dark Crystal + God's Page + Dark Wings + Corrupt Creations + Aegis of Flame

Damage + 32400
STR + 2250
Skill Damage + 12%
Crit Chance + 10%
Attack Speed + 25%
Passive: Each attack has (STR / 300)% chance to increase Crit Chance by 0.5 and Skill Damage by 0.5%, stacks up to 5 times. Stacks last until death or drop of this item.
Passive: Increases STR by 100 each time skill is cast. This effect stacks infinitely, but each stack has its own duration. Lasts 4 seconds.

Lancer Speciality - Dragonic Hellflame(F): Deals full damage even to enemies outside the middle radius. Increases F damage by 15%
Zerk speciality - Boiling Blood(E): Increases the speed of HP drain by 100%
Potion of Rage: (ring)
Gnosis - level 370
Recipe: Potion of Corruption + Essence of Anger + Ancient Fragments of Ruin + Pure Steel + Mithril

True power lies withing your rage.

All Stats + 960
Skill Damage + 9%
HP regen + 375
MP regen + 125
Movement Speed + 50
Passive: Every 10 seconds, heals the wearer for 15% of his max HP. If wearer has full HP, increases skill damage by 3% for 4 seconds instead.
Active - Rage: Passive will trigger every 4 seconds for 20 seconds. cooldown 60 seconds.
Hurricane: (1H)
Alteia - level 400
Recipe: Storm Reaver + Ring of the Storm + Fragment of Chaos + Spirit of Nightmare + Fragment of the wind + Skeleton Bone

Nothing can resist the power of the Hurricane.

Damage + 31000
AGI + 2260
Attack Speed + 25%
Movement Speed + 25%
Passive: On skill cast, next melee attack will send a tornado in line dealing (AGI * 10) magic damage. The tornado increases in size the futher it travels, up to 50%.
Active - Eye of the Storm: Summons multiple tornados in 500 radius around the caster. The tornados will slowly draw towards the caster. Each tornado deals (agi * 0.25) pure damage each second. Multiple tornados can hit the same target. The tornados last max 15 seconds.
Robe of the Lich: (robe)
Alteia - Level 400
Recipe: Robe of the Necromancer + Grim Heart + Frozen Robe + Shining Fragments of Ruins + Frozen Cobweb + Frozen Debris

Robe filled with power of the Lich.

Armor + 650
STR + 420
INT + 1250
Skill Damage + 10%
Mana Regen + 175
Passive: Slows enemies in 600 radius for 20%
Passive: Increases magic resistance by 15% every 3 seconds of not being attacked, stacks 3 times. All stacks are lost at once when taking damage.
Active - Frozen Embrace: Gains (Magic resist * 100 * 400) shield and freezes enemies each second in 300 range for 1 second. Effect ends in 7 seconds or when shield is broken.
Rusalka, the Dragon Lord's Scales: (armor/robe)
Alteia - Level 400
Recipe: Dragonic Skin Rusalka + Armor of Grudge + Dragon Wings + Dragonic Rod + Antimatter + Burning Bone Fragments

For everlasting protection.

Armor + 740
Main Stat + 890
All Stats + 160
Health + 7500
Mana + 6500
Passive: Has a 15% chance to absorb damage taken and reflect it as (damage absorbed * 1.5)pure damage.
Active - Anti-magic shell: Forms an anti-magic shell around the caster for 4 seconds. Cooldown 140 seconds.
Cometseeker: (bow)
Alteia - Level 400
Recipe: Heartseeker + Everfrostbane + Frozen Heart + Frozen Debris + Dragon Eye + Aegis of Storm/Essence of Storm + Essence of Light

Damage + 39500
AGI + 2350
Skill Damage + 8%
Crit chance + 8%
Water/Ice affinity + 8%
Passive: Every third attack hurls a comet on target enemy. The comet explodes on impact and slows target and enemies around the target in 250 radius by 20% for 3 seconds.
Passive: Attacks against slowed enemies from any source deal bonus (0.1 * attack damage) pure damage.
Active - Comet Rain: A massive comet falls from the sky, dealing (AGI*15) pure damage to all enemies in the target area and freezing them for 2 seconds. After freeze end, enemies are slowed by 80% for the next 6 seconds. During these 6 seconds, the caster of this skill will do bonus (AGI*3.5) pure damage on each hit. (stacks with passive), cooldown 120 seconds
Soulfire: (bow) -fookyouash
Alteia - Level 400
Recipe: Soulstalker + Hellflame + Aegis of flame/Essence of Flame + God's Page + Heart of Fire + Spirit of Abyss/Fragment of Oblivion + Ancient Fragments of Ruins + (SD token if ash wants it)

Damage + 38000
STR + 950
AGI + 2300
Skill damage + 11%
Passive: Steals magic resist from target enemy. Every 4th hit reduces target MR by 1% for 3 seconds and gives it to self, stacks up to 8 times.
Passive: Increases targets vulnerability to flame attacks by 10% for 10 seconds when attacked.
Active - Soulburn: Burns the wearer's soul to increase weapon's potential. Every second, wearer loses 20% of max HP and -90% healing received but gains 3% skill damage. Effect ends when the wearer's HP drop below 2%

Sniper Speciality - Soul Stealer(F): Increases the amount of close-range demolition rockets by amount of gained MR% from passive. Long range ultimate pulls all enemies from target area into the middle and suppresses them.

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by GING » Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:04 pm

SUGGESTION about Pally Nowadays

I Really disappointed with pally new skin (using a knife sword isn't he? kek)

In my opinion was like this ;

You can apply One of this following , just one of it.

  • So how about Its(Old Pally Skin"Lavi") become a new years costume for Pally :D. Or,
  • How about make Pally be origin skin , then make that news skin(Pally skin right now) => Halloween Skin for pally. Or,
  • Just Make new hero with those hero(skin) and spell. Just Remove the auras spell, and change some else. Make Pally like an old Pally(Skill & Skin).

cuz tbh, Pally Special weapon : "Hammer" its Pally signature right,




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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by WarChiff » Thu Jan 03, 2019 8:28 pm

What about to add universal event money ? For spend remains crystals/fragments... or make super craft for all of it

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by FDxKruZap » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:33 pm

Would be Nice to add new PVP Ground for Players who enjoy Fighting Others.

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by WarChiff » Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:51 pm

What about add more item sets, i see there are 3 item sets now with actually nice bonuses but it's low gear and doesn't worth time waste for collect it, soooooooo it will be nice 2 add mid/high/top gear sets with same bonuses
What about add quests for items that summon bosses like king crab and ect.? it takes sometimes 20-30 mins for drop magical horn/blood mask

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Re: Season 4 Bugs / Suggestions

Post by Urim03 » Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:39 pm

Q hotkey doesn't work in 0.24e version on Hermit.
While ignoring collision with units while E, it seems items are nevertheless blocking Hermit, which is weird but I can clearly block path if I make a wall of items. It's a bit bothering on area where mobs drops items, leads to a death sometimes...
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