[READ THIS] New to this RPG / I am Noob Guide

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[READ THIS] New to this RPG / I am Noob Guide

Post by HvsH » Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:29 pm

Welcome to forums. Please read the following posts carefully before making a new topic/post.
Do some research before you ask a question blindly - people will be a lot more willing to help if they know you tried to look for it already.

If you are a new player - this post will be of great interest to you in getting started to the Warcraft III map: The World RPG S3/S4 (TWRPG)

Cannot join game, etc
[CLICK HERE] Get 8mb bypass - will allow you to join lobbies

OMG - ALL I SEE is . , ! . . + !!
[CLICK HERE] Get Unifont - it allows you to see korean characters
If you are still having trouble, go see the main forums and scroll down to Unifont

In-General Guide to the basics about TWRPG
[CLICK HERE] Please teach me to play!!

How to Make Powders
[CLICK HERE] I'm ready to start raids, where to get powder????
Also note that you can use non-magical Pickaxes here to get Iron Ore, Silver Ore, or Gold Ore

In-depth Boss Guide
[CLICK HERE] I have powder but how to summon???
Note: You cannot summon Demon Lord Beriel and Divine Angels in the same game.
You must make a new game. Each raid boss can only be done once per game.

Item List and Crafting Recipes
[CLICK HERE] I got items now, I want better items - please help me get strong!!1!

Character/Hero Guide List
[CLICK HERE] Please help me use hero! What item to get? Too hard to play!

How to Host/Play with Others
[CLICK HERE] Thanks for help but I want to play with others!! How????
[CLICK HERE] What is ENT bot??
Most people play on battle.net or some form of it (like eurobattle.net) some people also use LAN on Garena.
Bots tend to be able to host across multiple realms.

You can try searching on Garena for a TWRPG clan

The most common servers people use are:
Battle.net (requires legit key) - no external server downloads required is nice = easy and simple to use
[CLICK HERE] Eurobattle.net (doesnt require legit key) - the most popular option if you dont have legit key
[CLICK HERE] Garena LAN (doesnt require legit key) - Garena is often suggested to be used only to chat with others

Remember, you can save replays as evidence that you did not play cheated map.
You can save replays for any item that you want to prove to others that you did not use cheats for. The more items you have proof for, the better!
To manually save replays, after the end of each game (after using Quit Mission), select Save Replay button near bottom of screen (then name it with the character you use and the item you got).
To autosave replays, open options from the main screen (first screen you see when you open Warcraft 3), select Gameplay, then check the box next to Automatically Save Replays.
Otherwise you may have played cheated map and people may suspect and kick you out of their game.
Note that the map name must also match official map name in order for replays to work.
Therefore it is easy to find out who is playing official version or the modified/cheated version!