Alex.Morph, Coolstorybob ninja gt

Reports rejected due to lack of sufficient evidence.
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Alex.Morph, Coolstorybob ninja gt

Post by gexyflow »

My Username: Alex.Morph
Username of Reported Player: coolstorybob
Reason: Ninja GT(mc drop)
Replay Time when it occurred: 30-40 mins
Bot Name: Maci
Server: eb/giddo

Why should I give away the item to the player who did not hit the boss?
Я попытался составить заявку нормально,но пусть уебище посидит в бане и покачает нового перса,я за любой материал ебало сломаю что в игре что в реале,крыса ебаная
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Re: Alex.Morph, Coolstorybob ninja gt

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1) you can't make a ban report based on someone not hitting the boss. (btw looks like he killed a couple MC's before you did)

2) winning the roll doesn't make it a ninja

3) seems you reported the wrong person anyway from the replay??

Please next time get your facts straight and don't report nonsensical things based on your skewed logic and opinion.