mr O ninja aostorm

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mr O ninja aostorm

Post by zoomsama »

My Username:zoom.sama was playing shirunya (priest) and kloading my sniper
Username of Reported Player:mrO
Reason:ninjaing aostorm
Replay Time when it occurred (if applicable): around 3-5 mins (1st kill)
Bot Name: was either haice or macibot idr
Server: eb/giddo
Link to Replay: in attachments
Screenshot of the post you joined off of in #game-lobby from the twrpg discord:in attachments
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Re: mr O ninja aostorm

Post by RockLeeNBU »

The evidence is laid out very clearly and is very self-explanatory. After reviewing the replay, it is in fact a very blatant ninja.

Even attempting to edit your slot was unfortunate as it would still be counted as a ninja since you didn't roll at all.

MrO_ will be banned from map and discord.