Questions about Gold coin bosses.

Discuss any tips, tricks, strategies for defeating bosses!
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Questions about Gold coin bosses.

Post by AllkindNecro »

Is it possible to Solo bosses with Berserker that has Neptios level of gear besides Skeleton King?

I can solo Skeleton King with Blazing Soul, Reactive Armor, Helm of Battle,Latea, the Ring of Chaos, Cape of Corrupt Flame. If there are better item combination please let me know.

Can I solo some of the higher tier bosses with these items and mastering bosses mechanics or it is not possible?

Or should just kill Skeleton King over and over and buy meterials by farming him and get myself Gnosis tier of items before trying other bosses?

All info is welcome.
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Re: Questions about Gold coin bosses.

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With all characters, you can only solo up to a certain point. it cannot reach end game without a team as this game is a team game.
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