Nereid spells and details ;

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Nereid spells and details ;

Post by Souna » Wed May 20, 2020 2:41 am

nereid's hp : 45,824,000 + 2 shields minimum
gaint wave caller : 9 m
wave caller : 4.5m

~Water Damage;
Conditions: off the island
Damage: 100% max hp per sec , shields can't help.

~Wave ;
Cool down: 5s
Conditions: After Phase 1
pushes you in the direction it came from , way to counter is just running to the side ways of it

~Pillar of water (large red circle)
Cooldown: 4 seconds minimum
Magic Damage: 150000
knockup + 2 sec stun on hit

~Wave Caller
Cool down: 7.5s
Condition : no condition

4th Each summon giant wave caller is summoned
Every 25% done to nereid HP , a large wave caller spawns [at 75%, 50%, 25%]

~small wave caller ;
duration : 20s
-regen amount : 0.05% per sec
-Increases regen amount by 50% per second while hitting Nereid, and decreases by 100% per second while not hitting [Minimum 0%, Max 400%]

~large wave caller ;
duration: 25s
-Magic damage per second: 30% of maximum health
-Knockback on hit
(it has a name call , can be tanked if someone else blocks it)

~orbs ;
2 , 3 , 5 orbs spawn in the area to meet in a small red circle
-magic damage :60000
-stuns for 1 sec on hit
-Time for orbs to spread : 9 seconds (spawn time time 1.5s + Gathering time 7.5s)

~ languish (fall asleep) ;
Cooldown: 10 seconds
-Gives 2 random debuffs that immerse in bubbles after 5 seconds

-Can be removed by cleanse

~bubble Spray ;
Cool down: 10s
-despawns in 15secs
-if you walk over it you get bubbled (bubble hp 4m *not sure of the HP 100%* )
-after few seconds if not broken , it'll do damage to you instead of protecting you
-silences you over the duration it's on you
- slows you for 50% ms

~Purification ;
Cool down: 25 ~ 30 seconds
uses it at 90% hp and below
-Damage: 30000 + 45% of max HP
Damage type: Splash 250~aoe , 50% pure damage + 50% magic damage
-stuns on every hit for a 0.2secs

~Knockback ;
Cool down: 30 ~ 40 seconds
uses it at 75% hp and below
-teleports to a random place in the area and pushes you 4 times
*note that purification and knockback can't be casted unless there's 5 seconds apart between them*

~shield ;
used at 66% and below

Cool down: 75s
Max hp 25% shield

Magic Damage: 12.5% ​​of maximum health per second

~Wheel ;
at 33% hp
knocks back everyone in a huge push backwards
orbs moves to the center of the map and starts to float
75% slowdown for 5 seconds when hitting an orb

1st part: 8 wheels that move clockwise one space at a time
2nd part: 4 floats, 1 round-trip

~sea protection ;
used at the start of a battle / phase entering
Increases magic defense by 50% for 5 seconds and restores 0.5% HP per second
Continuous CC effect immunity
- used at start of fight / Creation of 1st shield / Destruction of 1st shield / After wheel / Creation of 2nd shield / After destruction of 2nd

~after each phase there's 2 seconds where nereid doesn't cast spells.

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