Avatar Ifrit Guide

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Avatar Ifrit Guide

Post by 777 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:53 pm

Avatar Ifrit

A guide for newest elemetal tower boss, Ifrit.
This is a simple summery guide for boss skills and mechanics.
Not everything might be 100% correct and feel free to comment if something is incorrect or want to add something

That boss mechanics are pretty simple and straight forward.
A lot of stuff is going on in this boss fight, so it looks abit messy until get the hang of it.

For this boss fight you will need alot of protection such as "Creation" armors.
Heroes that can gather, break or revive are very helpful. Because without these, fight might be very prolonged.

hp: 36 821 000

Seed of Flame
Targets a random hero and place Flame Seed on it that will explode after 10 sec dealing dmg and -magic resistance to everyone. Around 30k dmg
Note: After 50% health ifrit targets 2 players
: CD - About 15 seconds :

Flame Pool
Creates flame pools on the ground after Ifrit charge or meteorites impact.
Flame Pools will heal Ifrit and damage allies if walk over it for 2000 + Max HP x 10% per second

Flame Festival
At 75% health forces everyone to run wheel while summoning 2 golems. First wheel last 30 seconds.
2nd wheel at 25% health, lasting 45 seconds.
Note: Only the very first wheel will have doubled spawns.

Flame Meteor + (Flame Line)
2 meteorites will randomly fall within marked area dealing huge damage and stun.
After initial impact, shoots a Flame Line outwards in vertical and horizontal direction. Deals damage and lowers magic resistance by 100%.
Leaves behind Flame Mark
Note: After 50% health ifrit cast 3 meteorites
Note: Meteors landing on golem breaks 30% armor charge?
: CD - About 5 seconds :

Hot Pursuit
When reach 100 mana will turn invu and push everyone towards wall and target random hero to cast Hot Pursuit on.
Targeted hero will be locked on and Ifrit will charge towards them. Instant killing anyone in its path until hits the wall.
Charge will leave behind Flame Marks on ground and shoot a horizontal V (Flame Line) that goes outwards from him, when hits the wall.
: CD - About 25 seconds :

Obsidian Golem
2 golems will spawn when reach 75% wheel and 2 more golems spawns when reach 25% wheel.
They spawn with 100% armor which is equivalent to 100% dr.
Skills that provide break can be used to remove 10% armor stack each break cast.
hp: 10 403 800

Knocks hero back and stuns it.

Hot Pursuit
After reaching 100 mana goes invu and targets random hero to charge, instant killing everyone in its path until hits wall.
Loses 10% armor stack upon hitting wall after charge.

Flame Spirit
Flame Spirit spawns based on Ifrit hp, for every 10% hp lost 2 Flame Spirit will spawn?.
Killing Flame Spirits will cause them to explode and shoot Flame Line in a cross(X) dealing damage and lowers mr

Fiery Bullet
When reach 100 mana cast a channeling spell that targets visible hero and shoots many fast projectiles that deals dmg and provides small stuns.
This spell can be canceled by stuns.
hp: 4 330 000

Slow walking slimes that run towards Ifrit, healing it upon reaching. Spawned when ifrit is attacking. Has no attack damage or spells.
hp: 2 383 000

A special thanks to RockLee for providing spell names, gF for verifying some info and RGC team providing help
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Re: Avatar Ifrit Guide

Post by terragrande » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:48 am

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